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Events and Adventures Nashville Has Your Weekend Planned.

Events and Adventures Nashville has been introducing singles at fun and exciting events for over 25 years! Nashville members meet new friends every day while hiking, going to shows, horseback riding, traveling to exotic destinations, and many other fun events. It’s easy meeting new people while having fun doing something you all enjoy. We’re here to help you get out and meet new friends or maybe that special someone, so why wait another minute?

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Singles Club Cooking Classes


Stay connected from anywhere with exciting group virtual events. Meet new people at comedy nights, game nights, mixology classes and other fun shared, ALL ONLINE.

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Find a way to live your life indulgently. Enrich your day-to-day with boat excursions, salsa classes, or fine dining, all while building relationships.

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Remind yourself what passion feels like! Add thrills to your routine with wakeboarding, skydiving, ziplining, and even adventures around the world.

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