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Halloween Bash in Dallas!

We had an AWESOME Halloween Party Saturday Night! It started with something unusual – a professional make-up artist zombie-izing people. In about 3 minutes Vivienne Vermuth changed each victim from whatever their costume was into a realistic looking zombie or an undead with wounds and dripping blood. It was amazing! Then, we all had a chance to step up to a green screen where one our members, David, took our pictures and printed them with a spooky house in the background so we had great souvenirs from the night. The food was a yummy taco/nacho bar and the DJ played anything we wanted to dance to. We danced until way after midnight. We had a blast!

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Pedal Pub Fun in Dallas!

 DFW has finally got a Pedal Pub! It’s downtown Fort Worth in  Sundance Square. And it isn’t nearly as exhausting as I thought it would be.  Thank goodness because I hate the gym. I looked at it and thought we’re going to pedal this thing for how long?!? Two hours later I was so happy I went. We stopped every few blocks for refreshment, so no one got really winded. One stop the feature was French fries and we passed them around while pedaling to our next stop. It was totally fun! The driver rang the bell at every green light to get us going and we yelled “Pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal, PEDAL” and laaauughed. The people we passed took our picture and cheered us on. We had the best time. You gotta try it.  This weekend is our massive Halloween party and I can’t wait!

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Giant Jenga is like a car accident!

You don’t want to see the crash but you can’t help but be curious. A shiny object you can’t stop looking at. An addiction we can’t stop playing. We played again at games night this weekend. And played and played. Games night is cool because it’s a potluck so we have great food and play games like Giant Jenga, card & board games and sometimes we even play charades. This weekend everyone gathered ‘round the Jenga. It’s amazing how high that thing can get. It’s almost as dramatic as a psycho-thriller movie. Everyone cheers when someone makes that tower stay upright and the collective gasp before the laughter as it falls gives you whiplash if you weren’t already looking.  Great fun! Can’t wait to see what the next games night will bring!

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Absinthe Drinks in Dallas!

 We went to the coolest little bar that specialized in Absinthe drinks. Yep, that incredibly strong, licorice flavored liquor that was banned for years because it supposedly caused people to go crazy. It of course doesn’t, but if you drink too many it sure will seem like it.  Making and serving the drinks are a whole production. I think we spent more time gathered ‘round the bar watching the bartender light the sugar on fire and drip water on it from a special cool, old dispenser than anything else. Everyone got a different kind or a different drink and shared them. So we found out some Absinthes are more minty, others have a mellow flavor and still others are holy-licorice-batman!  This joint  totally encouraged the whole green fairy myth. We walked in and it was so dark compared to the bright light outside it felt like joining the group by them calling out was more accurate than finding them by sight. Most the lights were of the green string variety.  The comfortable couches in a circle were perfect for us to crowd in and talk and tease as to who had the best drink – and best I-can’t-believe-I-drank-that story.  Definitely something you need to try if you’ve never have!

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Machu Picchu 2013!

We just got back from Peru and Machu Picchu. Wow! What a trip. We visited the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. We saw astounding Inca ruins. It’s truly amazing how exacting their workmanship is. They actually built their palaces and alters to withstand the regions earthquakes. All by hand, with no iron or metal tools! Perfect notched seams. They hauled those massive rocks up thousands of feet – with no tools. I can’t imagine how they did it. Machu Picchu is a beautiful and miraculous site. It definitely was a trip of a life time. I’m so happy that E&A gave me this opportunity!

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Welcome New Members Dallas!

Last Saturday we started the night off with our New Member Icebreaker and the new members had a ball competing in the People Bingo game. All it took was one member whose birthday was in November for a brand new member to yell “BINGO”. Poor Brad thought one of the new members was getting fresh when she asked him if he’d ever been skinny dipping. He was disappointed when she quickly turned her attention to the next person. After our winner did her happy dance we hit the trampolines for an amazing evening of trampoline dodge-ball. Since we had the place to ourselves we took went to the back trampoline area and had a giant dodge ball game.  Whew! Talk about tiring. But it was a great workout to get ready for the Peru trip that kicks off this Friday! Over 30 of us are going up to 11,000 ft to check out the ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.  This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I can hardly wait!  Another item soon to be checked off of the bucket list.

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