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As newer generations navigate the dating scene, the first place they often go is on a dating app. The convenience of swiping and the minimal risk associated with messaging has made dating more accessible, yet more difficult. Dating apps allow us to meet so many potential matches, but take away the opportunity to form genuine connections based on real interactions. Events & Adventures is here to change that – with over 30 in-person dating events per month in locations across the US and Canada, dating can go back to how it used to be.

Say Goodbye to Dating Apps

There are over 59 million online dating service users in the US alone, making dating apps akin to a social media app for singles. While they may seem like a good alternative for dating in the 21st century, committing to dating apps over in-person events has some downsides:

  • Overwhelming number of options. Having access to countless singles can initially be exciting, but can lead to fear of missing out on better matches. Seeing how many people are available subconsciously keeps us wanting more, which can lead to discontent in dating or perhaps jeopardizing existing relationships.
  • Though relatively rare, catfishing poses a threat to online daters. Someone’s profile may seem attractive, but there is a level of risk when going to meet them for a date. Not only are they misrepresented in their profile, they could be hiding other information or pose a safety concern.
  • Poor communication. It may seem counterintuitive, but dating apps could negatively affect communication skills. Texting can be easier for most people, but relying on texting alone can weaken your social skills, preventing you from forming interpersonal connections crucial for encounters at in-person dating events.

Meet People Naturally

It’s easier said than done, but meeting people organically can lead to stronger connections than those formed on dating apps. Here are some tips for how to meet singles in person:

  • Ask your friends. Your social circle can play a part in your search for companionship, as introductions through mutual connections can have a higher success rate, and it offers a built-in support system should a relationship start. You might also attend social events you might not normally go to when going out with friends, increasing the chances of meeting new people.
  • Pursue your interests. Whether it’s going to the gym, volunteering, or going to the park with your dog, your interests can help you meet others you already have things in common with. As the exposure effect states, we’re more likely to be attracted to things we are familiar with, especially people we see on a regular basis that share our interests. So, keep an eye out for someone you see often and strike up a conversation!
  • In-person dating events. Attending singles events or joining Events & Adventures increases your chances of meeting genuine people who share similar interests. Events & Adventures and its activities allow you to come and go as you please and present you with new opportunities to find people outside your circle with exciting experiences!

Join the Club: Events & Adventures

In-person dating events offer fun and low-pressure opportunities to form genuine connections, improve confidence in social settings, and ensure you are living in the moment. It’s time to delete those online dating apps and jump into something real – don’t struggle to find singles events in your area and join Events & Adventures! We are the premier singles-only club, with locations in major cities across the US and Canada, hosting 30+ exciting events every month! Our members have the freedom to attend any and all events that intrigue them and interact with other quality singles. E&A does the vetting for you to ensure a safe environment for meeting others who are serious about making friends, or finding a partner. Contact Events & Adventures today to Live a Life You Love and get started on your real-life dating journey.