Dating After Divorce in 2023

singles group enjoying some fine dining

Divorce sucks. Whether it was your choice, theirs, or a mutual decision, it just sucks. Despite how it might feel, however, divorce isn’t the end of the world. Getting out of a toxic or failed relationship is a good thing. It’s a new lease on life. It’s time you used it to start living a life you love and ticking off your bucket list with like-minded singles. Wondering how to do that? Events & Adventures can help! With over 30 years of experience managing events for singles of all kinds – recently divorced included – we have some tips!

The single climate in 2023

Dating in 2023 is difficult enough without being out of practice. The dating scene has likely changed quite a bit since you were last single, and you have probably made some changes yourself. Between the dating apps, websites, and hookup culture – it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Not everyone is a social butterfly and some people prefer more traditional methods than others. So, when it comes to meeting new people, we advise starting where you already have common ground. While dating apps and websites are responsible for many successful relationships, they’re not for everyone, and there are some things they just can’t do. Despite the fact that dating after divorce can be a bit of a learning curve, some things never change. These include the cardinal rules…

The Three Cardinal “Don’ts” of Dating After Divorce:

  • Don’t rush it – especially if you have kids.
    Divorce can push people to rebound and that’s perfectly natural. Nothing is wrong with reclaiming your confidence with a hookup or two. In fact, before you start looking for something serious, it’s better to find yourself again. Join a club, take a class, go on an adventure… Finding yourself again, after however many years of marriage, can really help you to find what you’re looking for. Plus, if you have kids, don’t waste their time with someone you’re not serious about. It’ll either confuse them if they’re young or embarrass you if they’re older. So, to recap, rule #1 is to focus on yourself. The rest will come to you.
  • Don’t dig up the past – focus on the future.
    No one likes to hear about someone else’s ex, especially the person you’re currently dating. If it’s a discussion that needs to happen – let it be brought up – never bring it up! And when it is the topic of conversation, be sure to keep it short and to the point. Aside from that, remember that everything you know about dating has led you to a divorce… Jokes aside, it just means it might be time to focus on the new you – the one who knows what they’re looking for.
  • Don’t get played – get up to speed.
    As previously mentioned, “the game” has likely changed quite a bit since you last played it. Maybe you never really “played” at all, and that’s ok too! This is your chance to get savvy with the new lingo and slang. Acquaint yourself with trends like “ghosting” and “catfishing” before you become a victim of either. Trust us – you’ll be glad you took the time to catch up to the trends before dating after divorce in 2023.

How to meet single people this year

It’s a new year. Are you going to spend it moping about your divorce, or doing things you’ve always wanted to do? We could go on forever about the best ways to get back on the proverbial horse after your divorce, but the best one is just too simple to keep hidden. It’s with us! Events & Adventures plans events solely for single people to meet up and have a great time together in organic and group-friendly ways. Our escapades range from chill activities like classes and bar crawls to epic skydiving and world-traveling adventures. There’s a screening process to hand-select the best singles to fit in with our members, a calendar stacked with 30-plus activities every single month, and nothing but good times to be had at our singles club. And the best part is – it isn’t a dating service! There’s no pressure to date if you’re recently divorced and just looking to make friends and/or experience new things. We do this for the thrills, the community, and the connections that last a lifetime. You don’t have to do your dating after divorce alone – do it with Events & Adventures! Get started today!