Let’s Play Some Games!

Imagine playing board games and getting loud and laughing so hard you can barely hear across the table!!  Every month we visit a local pub and have our own private space and do just that,  It’s one thing to play board games like Pictionary and Cranium, and Apples to Apples with close friends, but with strangers?  Those new faces aren’t strangers for too long.  There isn’t a better way to meet and learn about someone new, than to be tangled with arms locked, trying to build a block tower.  It’s not only fun to try it, but watching is a riot.  Last week at our Games Night, a group of members decided the questions for Cranium just weren’t as fun and tried playing with just the interactive, acting and team questions.  So much fun!!   Come out to the next one if you can make it!

Ambrea Event Manager Vancouver

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