Phoenix Has Enough Adventure to Last a Lifetime in One Weekend

Fun Adventures with Events & Adventures Phoenix

Events & Adventures Phoenix had an amazing time white water rafting this weekend.  We spent two nights in the Salt River Canyon town of Claypool.  At night, the still operating copper mines outside of town lights up when all the third shift workers head to work and it’s an amazing sight to see.  The town is a historic area and has been mined since the 1860’s. We had an amazing night there and enjoyed a great dinner, great drinks and even better company.

The next day brought even more adventure as we headed to the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation and the Upper Salt River for our annual White Water Rafting trip. The class three rapids were a little intimidating, and a few members actually even fell out of their boats—but everyone was glad that they did it because it was just another part of an adventure of a lifetime.  We spent the rest of the day on an adrenaline high while we swapped stories from our time on the river over drinks, homemade lasagna and card games.  When you can have weekends like this why would you ever spend your days off any other way?

We plan on going on another white water rafting trip in June in case you missed this one, and this time we’ll be taking on the Grand Canyon. We’re going to head to Vegas for a three day trip full of camping, rafting, helicopter rides, and some of the cleanest air in the nation.  Weekend getaways with Events & Adventures are never anything but amazing. Spend your next weekend with us.