The Best Singles Organizations | Events and Adventures


What Makes Events & Adventures Different
(Totally Awesome)

  1. Timing is everything. You’re joining a group that has known for thirty-five years what people worldwide are just now waking up to – that singles organizations are simply a better way to meet and befriend quality people!
  2. Meeting new friends you want to spend time with comes naturally when you're with a group of people who are all there to have fun.
  3. Meeting singles that share your sensibilities is all about being at the same place at the same time doing something fun together, something you can't do by yourself.
  4. When you join singles organizations like Events and Adventures, you can skydive for the first time – with 20 new friends. You can confidently take a romantic moonlight cruise with hundreds of other singles, fireworks and music. You can climb Mount St. Helens and share drinks with a group of members as you throw rocks from the edge of the crater. You can explore China and you can whitewater raft the Chilliwack River in British Columbia. The 20-person hot tub we hang out in at the end of the trip is the perfect ending to an amazing day.
  5. You may find that an Oktoberfest hayride with the right new friends can be as exhilarating as bungee jumping (and is much easier on your back). If you want to party your New Years Eve away in Las Vegas, feel the rush of the end of act one in Wicked, or hang out in the sun for spring training baseball in Arizona? You can do it all with other singles looking for adventure and an exciting social life.
  6. With Events and Adventures you can experience all of this and more. Sign up, show up, and life is exciting again. And again. And again! Events and Adventures are planned all year long on most nights and every weekend. Whichever ones you choose to attend, all are designed with your happiness in mind.
  7. Along the way you will meet 100s of amazing and wonderful people, and some will become close personal friends. Many members even meet that one special person - the one they have searched for all of their life.
  8. When you relax and have fun, THAT is when you are the most attractive to other people, the time of your life becomes the timing of your life!
  9. Its natural, its organic, its living life to its fullest extent. Best of all, it is NEVER boring.
  10. Get ready for an activities club, a social club, and the beginning of a life filled with events, adventure and friendship.