Why Is Dating So Hard and How to Break the Cycle

man and a woman on a date

There’s no denying that dating today is different, and perhaps it’s become an even greater challenge than in years past. So, what’s transpired in recent years that’s made it so difficult to find someone special? Swiping on dating apps, scrolling on social media, and the mind games that come with that behavior have reduced the chances of finding someone genuine and compatible. Events & Adventures will shed light on the burning question “why is dating so hard in the 21st century” and offer tips to improve your chances of meeting quality singles.

Dating Apps

The biggest threat to dating today is the prevalence of dating apps. Some users try to present the best version of themselves by using edited or outdated photos that don’t reflect their current appearance. Although this may not be as extreme as catfishing, where someone uses another person’s photos, it can still create a sense of unease for anyone who meets that person in real life.

On the other hand, as you swipe through potential matches in your area, you’re solely judging them based on their physical appearance. By doing so, you might be missing out on a truly amazing person simply because they don’t initially catch your eye. Dating apps have led people to prioritize external factors over finding a genuine connection, resulting in more disappointments than ever before.

Social Media

Social media serves as a valuable tool for sharing your life with friends and family, and even showcasing your authenticity to potential matches on dating apps. However, it does take a toll on the dating experience. The emergence of influencers, social media models, and the use of filters and editing tools has created a standardized “look” that many strive to achieve in order to gain followers. This desire to conform to the ideals set by social media figures has hindered individuals from embracing their own unique beauty, leading to increased insecurities about appearance among both men and women. Furthermore, this manufactured appearance has become the desired norm for potential partners, resulting in unrealistic expectations in the dating world.

Additionally, social media can foster a sense of dissatisfaction and constant comparison. With an abundance of attractive individuals online, the problem lies in coveting what one cannot have and constantly seeking something better. The internet has conditioned people, particularly singles, to always look for the next best thing instead of appreciating what is right in front of them. Couples today also face issues when their partners engage with attractive influencers or like other people’s photos on social media, triggering feelings of jealousy and distrust.

Mind Games

Another answer to “why is dating so hard” and something that has become increasingly common in dating, particularly among younger singles, are the mind games people play with one another. Whether it’s engaging in emotional manipulation, deliberately withholding communication, or leading someone on only to abruptly disappear, individuals are resorting to these tactics instead of pursuing genuine connections. While not everyone engages in these behaviors intentionally, more often than not, people are driven by a desire to keep things exciting for themselves, maintain control, and protect their own emotions at the expense of others.

It is not uncommon for individuals to say one thing to their partner while their actions say something different, resulting in confusion and distrust. Often, this stems from a lack of honesty with oneself regarding their true feelings. These mind games can be detrimental to a person’s mental well-being, leading to exhaustion from constantly trying to navigate the uncertainties and diminishing hope of finding authentic love. Moreover, they contribute to the development of trust issues, selfish behavior, and even avoidance of dating altogether due to negative past experiences.

Refusal to be Vulnerable

Opening up to others can be a challenging task for everyone, but there are those who adamantly refuse to let their guard down for anyone. This reluctance to be vulnerable stems from various reasons, including past experiences and the fear of being hurt again. For some individuals, it feels easier to avoid potential pain by never exposing their true selves and instead opting to find someone who will accept them without their flaws. Others may reach a point where they give up on seeking a genuine connection and settle for casual encounters.

The refusal to be vulnerable is often linked to a fear or difficulty with commitment, making it one of the biggest answers to the question “why is dating so hard.” Some individuals desire the benefits of a relationship without wanting to invest the necessary time and effort, or they simply want to keep their options open. However, it is important to recognize that being vulnerable is what makes any relationship, even a friendship, more meaningful and fulfilling. Finding someone with whom you can comfortably share your true self is a rare and valuable experience, so it’s essential not to shy away from taking that chance.

Fear of Rejection

The rise of dating apps has contributed to a fear of face-to-face interactions and the potential for rejection when approaching someone in person. Online communication has become the norm, making it harder for people to effectively communicate when they approach someone in person. This fear of rejection can be so overwhelming that individuals choose to avoid putting themselves in situations where they may experience disappointment, ultimately causing them to miss out on potential romantic connections. Whether this hesitation stems from a lack of confidence or a desire to shield oneself from rejection, it is clear that people are not meeting naturally and organically as often as they should simply because they are afraid to take that leap.

The Solution is Events & Adventures

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