trapeze adventure with Events & Adventures

Events & Adventures Dallas Pushes the Limit with Trapeze Classes

The other night Events & Adventures Dallas attended trapeze classes, and it was an amazing adrenaline rush! We started off with introductions, and all of us couldn’t help but notice the trapeze bars that rose 50 feet into the air.  Some of the members who’d already taken trapeze classes with the club talked about how after a couple of times the adrenaline wears off and you start to really enjoy yourself, which helped get the rest of us excited.

Donovan and his crew at Skyline Trapeze covered some ground rules and commands for jumping so that we knew how to proceed once we climbed the ladder to the trapeze swing.  Josh, one of the members who previously attended trapeze classes with Events & Adventures, was the first to take to the trapeze and inspired us all with his moves.  He swung while hanging by his feet, then again with his hands and finally, he finished off with a back flip! We were all very impressed.

We all got at least one jump in. The instructors began our trapeze classes with an introduction to silk, hanging, spinning upside-down, and posing.  As the night went on we all learned how to conquer the trapeze tricks that Josh showed off during first flight of the night!

The most amazing trick of the night was THE CATCH.  Those who mastered the swing by their feet were able to be caught by an instructor on the other swing. At the end of the night, everyone was having a great time and wanted to see the event on the calendar more. Several members signed up for two more classes for the price of one (a deal only offered to Events & Adventures members). Some of us may have contemplated running away and joining the circus because of how amazing the trapeze classes were.  All in all it was a great night. Some new friendships were made while swinging 50 feet in the air, and we can’t wait to it all over again!