Phoenix Gives Some Advice on an Easy way to Date

The struggle is real! First date jitters can be a debilitating experience. Negative thoughts run through your head, you get cold sweats, and your imagination can run wild with worst case scenarios.  What do you wear?  Should you have gotten your hair cut? What if he doesn’t like you? What if she doesn’t show?  Events & Adventures can put an end to your struggle with an easy way to date. What if before you even had a “first date” you got to have many “non-dates”, an activity-based event where you just got to know each other.

That’s exactly what Events & Adventures members do.  It’s a first date with no pressure or strings attached, meaning there’s no reason to be nervous. Not only that, our club offers a wide range of events allowing you to have an experience tailored to your preferences. Enjoy hiking? Go hiking.  Like the adrenaline rush of hang gliding? We’ve got you covered.  Want to rest and enjoy a glass of wine while fireside?  You can do that too.  The love of your life will be choosing from the same activities you are and will show up to the events that you enjoy.  All you have to do is strike up a conversation, there’s no awkwardness because neither of you are on a date you’re just two singles out having fun.  This is what we live by.

Events & Adventures sets up 30+ events a month so even if not every event is your cup of tea, chances are more than a few will be.  No need to worry about what to wear, or if anyone will show up because we’re all in it together.  If you are sick of online dating or dates that feel like a job interview, check out Events & Adventures. Your future soulmate is out there and feels the same way!