The Adult Summer Camp That Never Ends

singles club members having fun by the pool at adult summer camp

Ah, summer camp. Do you still have fond memories of trading your parents for counselors and getting to have fun with kids your age, all summer long? We do too! While you might wish you could still go to one, you’re not a kid anymore, and frankly, you might stand out a bit. Adult summer camps actually do exist – but they’re limited to summertime and have other restrictions as well, and aren’t necessarily close to you. What about an adult summer camp that never ends? Yup, you read that correctly. We’re talking about non-stop, every single month, fun and exciting activities – only for adults! If that sounds like something you’re interested in, keep reading. It gets better!

Camp without a tent or a cabin.

This isn’t the kind of adult summer camp you pack a duffle bag or bring bug spray for, although it might be a good idea for some of the activities. At Camp Events & Adventures, you don’t need to take time off from school or work. And since it never ends, there’s no deadline to get in on the fun! Decide when you want to go, and give up the sleeping bag to sleep in the comfort of your own bed.

You choose the activities!

Not only can you stay at home until you’re ready for some fun, but the fun you leave the house for is totally up to you! Whether you’re looking for chill events or wild escapades, there’s something for everyone with up to 30 events and adventures every single month. This month there was a pizza-making class, a group beach day, a comedy night, and a Luau Tiki Party – just to name a few. And that’s just scratching the surface. There was also a lightsaber combat class…don’t you wish you were there? Choose what you like best and go for it, or go to all of our events. The choice is always yours.

Single adults only.

Even though we’re like an adult summer camp and not a dating service, isn’t it good to know that everyone you go to camp with is over 21 and single? That way, while skydiving, bar crawling, or taking a class – if you happen to fall for a member of your group – shoot your shot! At least you know they won’t flash you a wedding ring. Have all the fun of summer camp, including the romantic hook-ups, except this time, you get to be the counselors.

Camp in, or out of town!

We’ve already mentioned that you don’t need a tent or a cabin, but what about going out of town? Well, this camp spans 13 states with different events and adventures in each one! Adult summer camps can be isolated to the camp location, but not this one. Visit any of the participating locations as a member and discover a whole new list of exhilarating experiences to enjoy. Plus, international travel is a part of the package, with groups making trips multiple times a year.

How do I sign up?

We hope this is no surprise at this point, but Events & Adventures isn’t really an “adult summer camp” at all. But it certainly does feel like one. Our members go on trips around the world, or stay local and have a blast. They learn, try, and enjoy new things every month with single people just like them. There’s no pressure to hook up or find “the one”. The point is to have as much fun as possible with like-minded, single adults. It’s an unforgettable experience you’ll long to return to, month after month. Sounds like an adult summer camp to us! Click here to get started.