The Santa Clara Club Becomes Modern Day Cowboys at a Dude Ranch

The Santa Clara club spent a wild day in the west on the Events & Adventures Dude Ranch Adventure.  The day started as all 56 participants took a shot at learning how to rope under the tutelage of a roping expert. Members spun real lassos above their heads and then tried to use them to rope bull horns attached to the front of hay bales.

While the first group of members hit the trails on horseback, the remaining members participated in a haystack search. Each participant had 10 seconds to dig in a huge pile of hay and find the chocolate coins hidden inside. The first and second place winners won fantastic prizes!

When the second group of riders headed out, the tug-of-war began. The competition was fierce (and fun) as five teams struggled to yank each other across the field.  When the third group went on their ride, it was time for two-legged hilarity as the members participated in a two-legged race and went for the gold!

As the final group saddled up and went for the last horseback ride of the day, we got ready for a pie eating contest. After the three lucky participants were chosen at random to take part in the contest, it was on! The competition was tough, but one very messy winner was crowned!

The dude ranch we spent the day on was beautiful, and we got to feel like actual cowboys thanks to the attentive staff. Everyone got to try new things together and the experience helped us bond. The day ended with a country cook-out, barbecue, and great conversation on a beautiful sunny day. There isn’t anything better than being surrounded by nature and spending time with a great group of friends.