A Blank Canvas. A Glass of Wine. A Stroke of Genius

It’s Tuesday night after a long day of work. Most people head home to put on their sweats and plop in front of the TV all night. Not us. That’s not E&A’s style! Instead, we met up for a relaxing evening of wine, painting and friends! The night began with sipping and sampling the different wines we brought. We relaxed on plush couches and snacked on fresh baked breads accompanied by infused oils and vinegars. We took time to unwind, meet new members and talk about our day. Then it was time for the real fun to start! We each selected our desired photo and attempted to recreate it with paint and a blank canvas. At first it was a bit intimidating, but it wasn’t long before my painting was well on its way! Just when I thought i was stuck, help was close by. E&A had a private painting session which came with two of our very own instructors! Whenever we needed guidance or supplies they were right there waiting to help us. Even if we didn’t need anything at all they were there with compliments and encouragement! And when we were indulged and focused on our paintings, they brought to our attention when the local commuter train pulled up to the station across the street. For those of you that were there, you know what I mean. Let’s just say it was a reminder to take a break, breathe and sip your wine. (We liked train breaks). At the end of the evening it was great to see how many of us chose the same picture to paint and how differently they each turned out. The colors, the shapes, the strokes of the brushes…they were  all impressively beautiful! It was obvious to me how each of our characters were expressed through our art. We all have our own style and uniqueness…And that’s what E&A is all about. Coming together to be who we are!   Some of us have similarities and some of us have differences. That is why the club works! That is why we love it and have a blast!

April Event Manager Chicago

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