All Bundled Up For a Hayride!

Even after our first snowfall just a few days ago, our fall season is still upon us.  It’s kind of backwards, actually, the leaves are falling off of the trees on top of the snow on the ground.  But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful autumn weather for a hayride!  We climbed aboard the wagon all bundled up with our hats and mittens to brave the chill of the air.  The hot cocoa and cider definitely aided in our warming up as we rode along the trails.  All we could hear was the sound of the horses hooves hitting the ground as they walked and the slight breeze rustling through the trees.  We saw some deer that were definitely not afraid of us, as they just looked up and stared, then went back to munching on the tall grass along the trails.  We talked, we laughed, we huddled up for warmth… all as we took in the views of this beautiful clear night!  We arrived back at the stables just as the sun was setting and just in time for a bonfire!  Roasting smores and hot dogs was an added treat as we filled up our cups again with something hot!  Definitely a night to remember with our fellow E&A friends!

Megan Event Manager Minneapolis

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