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How to Break the Ice: The Art of Starting

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You probably have some experience with those heart-pounding seconds just before you start speaking with someone new – especially if it’s a potential crush. But, by knowing how to break the ice in those critical moments, you may be able to approach the whole situation with the kind of confidence we all find so attractive.

How to Break the Ice?

Your goal should be to establish an easy banter and keep the usual small talk from taking over. After all, your first encounter with someone new sets up the future of any relationship you may develop.

First Things First – Getting Ready

Most of us rely too much on habits and ideas that come from the past. When you know you’re going to be in a new setting or encountering new people, the first order of business is to assess the situation with more neutral eyes. For example, say you’re going to a singles-only event organized by a club like Events & Adventures. If you feel awkward, remind yourself that almost everyone is there to meet someone new – and they probably feel as nervous as you do. Instead of worrying about tripping up, try to bring a low-pressure vibe to the introduction, which will relax not only you, but your new acquaintance as well.

Of course, there’s more to this hack than getting yourself ready to talk. You have to know both what to say and get an idea of how it’s going over. Fortunately, authorities on this subject have researched exactly how to break the ice. So, take a deep breath, get that heartbeat under control, and take advantage of this expert advice:

  1. Find Common Ground

One of the most potent tools in the ice-breaking arsenal is the establishment of shared perspective and experience. The mere presence of shared experiences, attitudes, or interests can make for smoother communication. When engaging a potential romantic partner, referencing mutual interests or common experiences can serve as an inspiration for engaging dialogue. For instance, in the case of organized singles activities, mentioning a particular fondness for something you’ve both attended or recounting an amusing anecdote from a past event can serve as the spark for a deeper conversation.

  1. Make Them Laugh

Laughter, often hailed as the universal language, boasts remarkable potential in thawing the icy discomfort of unfamiliarity. There’s plenty of evidence to support the powers of humor in reducing tension and fostering a sense of camaraderie. A well-timed jest, delivered with finesse, can establish a sense of ease, helping both parties to navigate the uncharted waters of initial interaction.

TIP: Take care to ensure that humor remains light-hearted and inoffensive, as its positive powers can be undermined by misjudgment.

  1. Match Their Body Language

Nonverbal cues are the unsung heroes of communication, speaking volumes beyond the limits of words. Only a small percentage of communication is conveyed through words, while the majority is transmitted through signals like facial expressions, posture, and tone of voice. When you’re aiming to break the ice with a potential romantic partner, check out what they do with their body. Match a genuine smile with a genuine smile, maintaining eye contact, and do your best to mirror body language – this is a subtle way to reassure the other person and broadcasts a message of similarity and connection.

  1. Be Vulnerable

Engaging in an authentic manner that showcases vulnerability can be a compelling aspect and tool in discovering how to break the ice. You may imagine that revealing vulnerability implies weakness of some kind. In fact, it shows strength and is something of a shortcut in terms of establishing a genuine connection. Sharing personal stories or expressing genuine emotions can create a space of empathy and mutual understanding.

TIP: Striking the balance between openness and oversharing is important. Overwhelming vulnerability might inadvertently create discomfort.

  1. Practice

In forging relationships (and especially romantic ones), understanding how to break the ice is incredibly important. Like everything, practice will dramatically increase your odds of success. Try seeking out singles-specific gatherings. Even better, joining a club like Events & Adventures will give you options from over thirty activities for singles a month. And, if you want to really dive in, consider one of their international group travel adventures.

Break the Ice with Confidence

You have the power to transform unfamiliarity into profound connections. The process of capturing interest and setting the tone is far from a random endeavor; it is an artful interplay of strategies that contribute to the trajectory of the future. And, if you’ve done it just right, genuine connection will thrive.

Events & Adventures is in a city near you and ready to give you the opportunity to break that ice. With an incredible variety of things to do and tons of members, you’re sure to find friends and romance your way (not to mention that you’ll be ahead of the game in terms of common ground because, after all, they chose the same adventure). Get in touch with the premier singles club and implement what you’ve learned about how to break the ice.

How to Identify and Deal with Dating a Narcissist

How to Identify and Deal with Dating a Narcissist

Do you feel like you meet a lot of self-involved people on the dating scene? Events & Adventures has over 30 years of experience watching new relationships grow. We’re a singles activity club that has been bringing single members together for bucket-list adventures across 15 cities (and growing), for over 30 years. We don’t possess psychology degrees, but we do have extensive experience with people and what makes them tick. Our expertise has aided us in screening members before they join the club, equipping us with helpful advice that we share here with you. The chances of encountering a narcissist in your dating experiences is decent – if so, what to do?

The term narcissist has become increasingly popular recently, but it is important to understand what narcissism really is and, if you are dating a narcissist, how dynamics can affect your relationship. Narcissists are people with an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. They often lack empathy for others and pursue power and control in their relationships. Someone can be narcissistic without being diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which is pathological and more severe. If you think you may be entangled with someone displaying these signs and symptoms, there are tell-tales signs to confirm your suspicions, and steps you can take to protect yourself from emotional or physical harm.

Common Signs of Narcissism in Relationships

At first, it can be difficult to recognize a narcissist. They may come across as charming, witty, and engaging – traits that often make them attractive. But, as time goes on, you might start to notice a different side of your partner. They may become demanding and controlling, overly critical, and/or start showing a lack of consideration for your feelings. People with narcissistic tendencies use manipulation tactics to get their way and they might even become physically or emotionally abusive.

Narcissists are often extremely self-centered and believe that everything should revolve around them. This can be seen in how they communicate with others, as they may interrupt conversations or talk over people who are speaking. When dating a narcissist, you may also notice that they need constant validation and attention from their partners, becoming overly jealous or possessive if they don’t get it. Narcissists also have a hard time taking responsibility for their own actions, and often try to deflect criticism by blaming others or making excuses.

Protecting Yourself in an Unhealthy Relationship

If you recognize that you might be dating a narcissist, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself and maintain some sense of autonomy in the relationship.

Set boundaries in stone, or at least on paper.

It’s important to set clear boundaries and communicate them to your partner. While boundaries should be established in any relationship, it is paramount if you’re dating a narcissist. Record verbal agreements and get them in writing if you can, with their permission. This will help you avoid feeling taken advantage of and disrespected, and will also give you something to fall back on later. Narcissists can unintentionally gaslight you into believing you are wrong, mistaken, or confused, but not if you have written or recorded proof that they agreed to previously.

Don’t settle for less – or you always will.

Don’t let yourself be manipulated into things you don’t want to do, and definitely don’t let your partner control your every move. Be assertive in expressing your desires and needs when dating a narcissist – including standing up for the enforcement of the first tip. This does not mean to be aggressive to your partner, it means you should politely remind them (and yourself) that your wants and needs are just as valid as theirs.

Be patient.

Standing up for yourself is only one side of the coin. As previously mentioned, a narcissist may not even realize that they are gaslighting you or taking advantage, so don’t get upset with them. Always stand your ground for the things that matter to you, but try remember that if the person you’re dating is worth your time, effort, and affection – they are also worth your time and patience. If you ever feel like your partner is the enemy, that’s your cue to leave.

Maintain each other’s self-esteem with equal effort.

Narcissists typically have enough confidence to go around, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to share it. After the love-bombing phase, when a narcissist is content in the relationship, you may have to put aside time for yourself. Self-care activities, getaways with your friends, and time spent with family can help to remind you that you are loved and appreciated. Dating a narcissist can be draining at times, but if you pull too far away, they may feel threatened.

Seek out professional help.

When you feel like the relationship is becoming emotionally abusive, it’s important to reach out for help and consider leaving. Don’t hold on to something that’s hurting you just because you’ve been clutching it for a long time. Though some studies have shown that therapy can garner results, convincing a narcissist that they need any kind of help is an uphill battle, so pushing them to go to couple’s therapy is likely going to start an argument. Stick to the other tips on this list and if they still don’t agree to work with a professional (or if things go beyond just emotional abuse) – it’s time to get out and find a community of supportive people. (More on this in a bit.)

If you are in an unhealthy relationship with a narcissist and need assistance, there are resources available. You can reach out to the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at (800) 799-7233 or speak to a mental health professional who can help you learn more about narcissism and how to protect yourself in an unhealthy relationship. In the best-case scenario, you both go to couples therapy, but convincing a narcissist that they need help can be a daunting task. With the right resources and support, you can take control of your life and either fix your unhealthy relationship with a narcissist, or break free from it altogether.

Maintaining a Successful Relationship with a Narcissist

Some people seek professional help or find ways to deal with dating a narcissist, and in many cases, things work out fine. Love knows no bounds, after all. And just because your significant other either showcases narcissistic tendencies or has NPD, doesn’t mean you can’t live long and happy lives together. If it doesn’t work out, however, it’s important to remember that it likely isn’t your fault. You deserve to be respected and loved in a healthy, supportive relationship, and that means being able to maintain your autonomy.

Life After Dating a Narcissist

Not only does life go on if you choose to end the relationship – now you can start living a life you love! One of the biggest reasons people commit to their narcissistic significant other is that they feel trapped. Narcissists can be incredibly persuasive, charming, and charismatic. Because they are so self-absorbed, they tend to love-bomb and shower you with affection – while simultaneously making your entire life about them. Usually, their worst sides only present themselves when they’ve already implanted themselves deeply into your life. So, what’s the solution? Well, our best advice is to get back out there as soon you feel you are ready. This time, you’ll have the lessons you’ve learned to guide you.

Go On Events & Adventures

Events & Adventures is an activity club for singles only. We’re not a dating club, but have been bringing singles together from over 15 cities with more on the way, for over 30 years! Our charming and knowledgeable hosts put together more than 30 activities every single month, and they’re happy to walk you through every step of the process. The best part is, not everyone gets in! We do full background checks and hold live interviews with each new member to ensure they’re a good fit before they join. We want you to have the best time with the best people, and with decades of experience – we’ve gotten pretty good at weeding out the narcissists.

If you’re ready to start living a life you love after dating a narcissist, you’re more than welcome to join us! Call 1-800-386-0866 today.

Tips for Surviving the Loneliness Epidemic

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Did you know that loneliness can kill? According to the Department of Health – loneliness not only makes you sad, it can also make you sick. The loneliness epidemic was declared just recently by the Surgeon General, who urged citizens to improve the quality and quantity of their social connections. According to the advisory, prolonged loneliness can cause a greater risk of heart disease, dementia, stroke, anxiety, depression, and even premature death.

The solution? Well, Surgeon General Murthy suggests four basic tips to curing the loneliness epidemic – all of which we’ll discuss below, as well as one easy way to achieve them. With over 31 years of experience conquering loneliness – Events & Adventures knows how you can start living a life you love.

Tip #1 – Connect – “Answer a call from a friend.”

Murthy says that making a connection can be as simple as answering a phone call from a friend. And while that’s easy to achieve if you have friends who call you – what if you don’t anymore? Most people make new connections through shared activities like school, work, or hobbies. Other connections can be made through those friends, as well as from family members, and even random encounters. If you’ve exhausted those avenues and no one is calling your phone – consider joining a social club, an activity club – or any other kind of club! Sharing your mutual interests with other people is the best way to make long-lasting relationships, built on common ground. We know one particularly awesome club that’s been around for quite a while… maybe you should check them out!

Tip #2 – Share – “Invite someone over for dinner.”

In the same way that sharing your interests can help to build healthy relationships, so does sharing your time and space. Sometimes, all it takes is initiating an activity outside of planned events to spark a deeper friendship with both individuals and groups. Maybe it’s inviting someone over for a meal you prepared, or perhaps it’s just catching a movie together. Either way, make time for your relationships outside of regularly planned interactions. Sharing yourself with friends and loved ones can make a real difference in fighting back against the loneliness epidemic.

Tip #3 – Listen – “Be present during conversations.”

Ever hear that “just being there” is usually enough? It’s true! Our members say that we’re awesome listeners – always making time to hear their concerns and address them with sincerity. But that’s literally what friends are for! A friend in need is a friend indeed, and a loneliness epidemic is definitely a time of need. The problem is, people are often so consumed with their own lives and problems, that being a good listener is not as easy as it sounds. It requires putting yourself aside for a moment, or several moments, to be there for someone else. Still, it’s not all about them… When you truly and empathetically listen, your bond grows stronger than ever before. So, the next time someone opens up – listen up.

Tip #4 – Serve – “Seek out opportunities to serve others.”

Another popular saying is – “there’s no such thing as a selfless act.” The reasoning for this is – if you trace any action back to its root motivation – it was selfish in nature. For example, the only reason you gave a beggar all of your money was because it made you happy to help someone. Thus, even the most altruistic act can be self-serving. The fact is – whether selfish or selfless – doing something for someone else just feels good for everyone involved. Without being too spiritual or philosophical – when you put good into the universe, it tends to come back around to you. Plus, like we’ve said, serving others is essentially the same as serving yourself.

Bonus Tip – Unite – “Events & Adventures awaits”

Events & Adventures makes these four tips more attainable so you can battle the loneliness epidemic. Connect with thousands of our single members across 14 U.S. cities; share over 30 unique activities planned for members every single month; listen to stories from your new friends and forge deeper bonds; and lastly, serve yourself – as well as your new friends – just by being present with them at our events.

With over 31 years of bringing single people together – there’s no singles club that does it bigger – or better. Join us for bucket-list adventures and life-changing events where you can make connections and memories that will last you a lifetime. Some of our members have even fallen in love and gotten married! Remember, living alone doesn’t have to mean lonely. If you want to start living a life you love with single people just like you – get started today – with Events & Adventures.

Dating Trends to Avoid in 2023

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So many readers enjoyed our ghosting blog that we thought you might want more. Well, you got it! Today we’re exploring a list of dating-app trends to stay clear of in 2023. Hopefully by spreading awareness we can help more people notice telltale patterns and avoid any dating app tragedies. We’re sorry these “popular” trends are ruining the dating scene for many, but at least we can learn to understand them in order to mitigate their effects on our lives. Let’s dive in!


To kick off this list we thought we should start with what happens after you’ve been ghosted. And what do ghosts do? They haunt you! Haunting, like a bad horror movie, is when a ghoster pops up on social media – or anywhere they know you might be – without ever reaching out directly. It’s like they want you to know they still exist after ghosting you, but not for any particular reason. If you’re seeing them on your feed and they’re liking or making comments on your posts, it’s best to delete them from your lives. Ghosts should stay buried – or at least move on.


Speaking of moving on, we have to talk about zombieing. Of all the dating trends, this one is probably the strangest. Zombieing happens when someone you’ve previously dated suddenly resurfaces with a text or message, but it’s clear they haven’t changed much and still don’t want anything serious. Despite being more direct than haunting, it can be confusing and often leaves the other person feeling like they’ve been forgotten. Why do people do this then? We can’t honestly say. To avoid this, stay clear of “hey stranger” texts from people who randomly left you hanging last time.


Fizzling is one of the worst dating trends on this list… It’s an increasingly popular (or unpopular) dating app trend that shares many similarities with ghosting, but takes it a step further by making the breakup process even longer and more painful. The term ‘fizzling’ describes when someone begins to show less and less interest – without any apparent reason – before ending the communication. There’s no explanation, or resolution, it just takes longer to happen and feels worse once it does. Fizzling leads to ghosting, but not all ghosting is fizzling. If you ever went from excited, to confused, to worried, and then ghosted… you’ve actually been fizzled. When you notice this happening – get out before they fizzle out.


Breadcrumbing is when someone sends out a few flirtatious texts or messages but never follows through with their plans. They may be stringing you along for attention and it often leaves the other person in a state between feeling both anxious and rejected. Despite the confusion on your end, however, they likely know exactly why they’re doing it. Which brings us to the next of the dating trends… Benching.


If someone is breadcrumbing you, it’s likely because they’re trying to keep you on their bench as an option, but never actually plan to move the relationship forward. It’s like they are waiting for someone better to come along, and if no one does, then they’ll give you some more attention. Some benchers can have quite a roster lined up, using breadcrumbing as a technique to keep you on the line like a fish. Don’t be a fish. Unhook yourself as soon as you feel like you’ve picked up your last crumb.


Almost exactly like benching, the term cushioning refers to people who keep multiple matches in their back pocket (or on their bench) at once. The nuance here is that they aim to have several – not just one or two – serving as a “cushion” in case their primary relationship fails. It’s like having an insurance policy against heartbreak, but by using unsuspecting matches to do it. Of course, the person they’re currently dating is unaware of what their partner is up to, meaning that cushioning is very often cheating.


This is when someone brags about their accomplishments or success in order to impress potential partners. It’s like flexing their muscles in the hopes that it will attract more attention from potential love interests. Yes, this is much less damaging than most of these dating trends, but flexting is usually a sign of narcissistic tendencies or low self-esteem in other areas. If they’re telling you way more about themselves than you asked for in your first few interactions – they’re likely flexting you. There’s a big difference between meeting someone who is confident and sure of themselves, and meeting someone who is egotistical. Learn the difference to protect yourself.

In conclusion…

With terms like ghosting, haunting, and zombieing representing the ways people use online platforms, it might seem like dating is “dead”. We promise you – traditional dating culture is alive and well if you know where to look. In fact, waking up from these nightmare dating trends can be a lifechanging realization once you find the right dating style for you. We hope Events & Adventures is that style, but why don’t you check us out and see for yourself?

We’re an activity club for singles only, and we’re here to prove dating trends and apps aren’t all there is. We’ve been around for over 30 years, meaning we’ve been doing traditional dating before it was considered “traditional”. With us, you’ll check off bucket-list items, learn new things, see new places, and much more – all while meeting tons of single people across 14 cities. With over 30 events every month and zero pressure to attend any you don’t wish to – the choice is always yours. At Events & Adventures, the sky’s the limit for social interactions that can lead to long-term relationships. And if you aren’t looking for anyone, just come and enjoy the fun. Whether you’re seeking platonic friends with no ball-and-chain attached, or romantic partners to spend a lifetime with – they’re all here at Events & Adventures. Learn more, or get started today!

How to Avoid Getting Ghosted

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Ghosting is when someone suddenly stops responding to your messages – usually on a dating app –without any explanation as to why. It can be confusing and demoralizing to match with someone, invest time, and then watch them disappear into thin air. Sadly, ghosting is an all-too-common part of the dating experience today. In fact, the only consolation is knowing you’re definitely not alone! No, you can’t make people change, but you can learn ways to minimize how often ghosting occurs. In this blog post, we’ll look at how you can avoid getting ghosted and explore other ways to date where ghosting is much less prevalent. If you want to reclaim control of your dating life, keep reading.

Understand Why People Ghost

The first step to avoiding getting ghosted is understanding why people ghost in the first place. There’s no simple answer, but there are some common reasons. These include the fear of getting hurt, feeling overwhelmed by a new relationship, or simply wanting to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Sometimes, ghosting happens because the individual got whatever it is they wanted from their interaction with you and is now gone forever. It’s important to remember that getting ghosted doesn’t always mean you did something wrong, and sometimes there is nothing you could have done better. It usually has more to do with the other person’s emotional state – and nothing to do with you. In some cases, the dating profile may be a fake – there to sell something or scam you. Consider yourself lucky if you get ghosted by one of these catfish accounts – you dodged a bullet.

Ghosting can be looked at as a reflection of today’s dating culture. It’s easy enough to close a chat and never look back when there are zero consequences for doing so. The result is a lack of accountability. Fleeting relationships are becoming increasingly normal today. Some people are only on dating apps for ego boosts and “breadcrumbing” – another dating buzzword that means to flirt with someone while having no real intention of getting into a relationship. But that’s a blog topic for another day! A great way to avoid getting ghosted is to recognize the signs beforehand. With time and practice you’ll be able to filter out the obvious “ghosters” either before you swipe, or before you become too invested. For now, take mental notes about the illegitimate profiles you encounter so you can steer clear of them in the future.

Make Your Intentions Clear Early On

If more people were more upfront about their intentions, there would be fewer people getting ghosted. We know the world won’t change anytime soon, but in lieu of that, start setting a good example. If you let your new match know that you’re just looking for a long-term relationship and they ghost you – you win! Better to have it happen initially than later on when feelings have begun to develop. In the same way, if your intentions are for a more casual relationship – let the person know. You’ll be surprised how many people are looking for what you are, whatever that may be. A pro tip is to put this info in your profile’s biography. Yes, it’s true that very few people actually read them, but at least there’s a disclaimer before the conversation even begins.

Respect Boundaries and Read the Room

Dating is about getting to know someone, not about getting what you want from them. Respect your match’s boundaries and feelings, especially if you want them to be aware of yours. Like we said above, the only way to influence others is to be the version of yourself that you’d like to see in them. Get to know your match, find common ground and interests, and establish some boundaries before laying down expectations or asking for favors. If you’re patient, honest, and unassuming, you’ll likely find out if they’re looking for the same thing you are. Reading the room is key to avoiding getting ghosted, whether online or offline, so it’s a skill worth learning as soon as possible.

Don’t Overthink or Take it Personally

Overthinking rejection will only make things awkward and help you to develop low self-esteem. Why take something personally that has nothing to do with you? Following every one of these tips does not guarantee you won’t be ghosted, so simply accept that you only have limited control over what someone else wants. It’s literally not you, it’s them. We don’t know about you, but we have enough to worry about without internalizing someone else’s insecurities and inhibitions. Not overthinking may seem simple enough, but since no one intentionally does, it can be difficult to avoid. Basically, if you find yourself doing it – stop. And if you don’t realize on your own, a few supportive friends can help you to snap out of it.

Join a Singles Club for Support and Encouragement

Of course, we saved the best for last. While these tips can help you to deal with ghosting on dating apps, what about ditching the dating apps altogether? For those interested in a more traditional dating culture, or just making friends and enjoying life, Events & Adventures is a great option to leave ghosting behind. We can’t promise you’ll never end up getting ghosted again, but we can promise that our members are background checked and interviewed to ensure they’re single – and not the ghosting type. Our singles club has been bringing people together for over 30 years! We host at least 30 fun events every month, in over 14 cities. These events range from chill activities to bucket-list adventures and there is no pressure to date if you don’t want to. Just know that you’ll be in good company, with tons of single people who understand the frustrations of modern dating.  If you decide to stick to the dating apps, these tips will help. But if you want to start living a life you love with other singles, you can get started today. Our members are waiting to meet you.

Five Reasons Singles Clubs Are Better Than Dating Apps and Websites

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We live in the age of dating apps. Whether or not you are among the 79% of people aged 18 to 29 who choose to date online, it’s undeniable that online dating is a cultural phenomenon in 2023. However, there are those who still prefer more traditional methods and meeting people organically. While dating apps certainly have their advantages, there are also some compelling reasons why singles clubs are better options for those looking for love. Here are five reasons why singles clubs are better than dating apps and websites.

1.  They Offer More Personal Interaction

One of the biggest advantages of singles clubs over dating apps is the personal interaction they provide. Unlike dating apps, where introductions are handled virtually, singles clubs provide an opportunity for members to meet face-to-face and get to know each other on a more personal level. This can help to build stronger connections and increase the chances of finding a compatible partner. Not everyone knows the latest norms when it comes to texting, and not everyone wants to. Having an alternative like a singles club can actually work wonders when combined with dating apps. Give yourself the personal interaction option.

2. There is a Greater Focus on Common Interests

Another advantage of singles clubs is that they tend to attract people with similar interests. Some clubs are themed after specific types of events, while others offer a myriad of options for singles to choose from. Whether it’s hiking, dancing, learning new things, or playing board games – singles clubs often allow members to explore a number of activities or interests. Naturally, this makes it easier for members to find like-minded individuals and form relationships over time based on shared interests. If your relationship’s foundation is built on a strong common ground, most other things fall into place.

3. Singles Clubs Can Take Away the Pressure

Dating apps can be overwhelming and stressful, with users constantly swiping through profiles and trying to make a good impression. In contrast, singles clubs provide a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Once you join – you’re in – and members can take their time getting to know each other. Though we can’t speak for everyone, our members are very welcoming and love meeting new people. Meeting in groups at events can help to remove the pressure of making a good first impression. Everyone is there for the same reason, so focus on the fun!

4. You Get a Much Better Screening Process

Dating apps can be a breeding ground for fake profiles and catfishing scams. Singles clubs, on the other hand, often have a more rigorous screening process to ensure that members are genuine and have similar intentions. This creates a safer and more secure environment for meeting potential partners. Events & Adventures, for example, not only conducts background checks and interviews – we try to ensure that new members match with our existing ones and are compatible in terms of personality. This takes a lot of the guesswork out and surrounds members with likeminded singles.

5. There Are More Opportunities to Socialize

Finally, singles clubs provide more opportunities for socializing than dating apps. Whether it’s attending events or participating in group activities, singles clubs offer a chance to meet new people and build relationships in a fun and engaging way. This can be particularly beneficial for those who are shy or introverted and may struggle to meet people through traditional dating channels. While dating apps have certainly revolutionized the way we find love, they aren’t for everyone – especially the more timid or shy individuals. A big welcoming group and an epic adventure can really help to break the ice.

Get Started with Singles Clubs Today!

Events & Adventures is a singles club dedicated to bringing singles together in 14 cities across the U.S. We’ve been around for over 30 years and have been planning more than 30 activities every month ever since! Our friendly and seasoned team will walk you through every step of the process and be with you at events for a smooth introduction to how we roll. Find something for every night of the week on our monthly calendar of different activities – and that’s it! All you need to do is show up, meet fun single people, and have a blast. From exotic international getaways to chill bar crawls and dance classes – there’s something for everyone at Events & Adventures.

Have a chat with us today and see if our singles club is right for you.

Dating After Divorce in 2023

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Divorce sucks. Whether it was your choice, theirs, or a mutual decision, it just sucks. Despite how it might feel, however, divorce isn’t the end of the world. Getting out of a toxic or failed relationship is a good thing. It’s a new lease on life. It’s time you used it to start living a life you love and ticking off your bucket list with like-minded singles. Wondering how to do that? Events & Adventures can help! With over 30 years of experience managing events for singles of all kinds – recently divorced included – we have some tips!

The single climate in 2023

Dating in 2023 is difficult enough without being out of practice. The dating scene has likely changed quite a bit since you were last single, and you have probably made some changes yourself. Between the dating apps, websites, and hookup culture – it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Not everyone is a social butterfly and some people prefer more traditional methods than others. So, when it comes to meeting new people, we advise starting where you already have common ground. While dating apps and websites are responsible for many successful relationships, they’re not for everyone, and there are some things they just can’t do. Despite the fact that dating after divorce can be a bit of a learning curve, some things never change. These include the cardinal rules…

The Three Cardinal “Don’ts” of Dating After Divorce:

  • Don’t rush it – especially if you have kids.
    Divorce can push people to rebound and that’s perfectly natural. Nothing is wrong with reclaiming your confidence with a hookup or two. In fact, before you start looking for something serious, it’s better to find yourself again. Join a club, take a class, go on an adventure… Finding yourself again, after however many years of marriage, can really help you to find what you’re looking for. Plus, if you have kids, don’t waste their time with someone you’re not serious about. It’ll either confuse them if they’re young or embarrass you if they’re older. So, to recap, rule #1 is to focus on yourself. The rest will come to you.
  • Don’t dig up the past – focus on the future.
    No one likes to hear about someone else’s ex, especially the person you’re currently dating. If it’s a discussion that needs to happen – let it be brought up – never bring it up! And when it is the topic of conversation, be sure to keep it short and to the point. Aside from that, remember that everything you know about dating has led you to a divorce… Jokes aside, it just means it might be time to focus on the new you – the one who knows what they’re looking for.
  • Don’t get played – get up to speed.
    As previously mentioned, “the game” has likely changed quite a bit since you last played it. Maybe you never really “played” at all, and that’s ok too! This is your chance to get savvy with the new lingo and slang. Acquaint yourself with trends like “ghosting” and “catfishing” before you become a victim of either. Trust us – you’ll be glad you took the time to catch up to the trends before dating after divorce in 2023.

How to meet single people this year

It’s a new year. Are you going to spend it moping about your divorce, or doing things you’ve always wanted to do? We could go on forever about the best ways to get back on the proverbial horse after your divorce, but the best one is just too simple to keep hidden. It’s with us! Events & Adventures plans events solely for single people to meet up and have a great time together in organic and group-friendly ways. Our escapades range from chill activities like classes and bar crawls to epic skydiving and world-traveling adventures. There’s a screening process to hand-select the best singles to fit in with our members, a calendar stacked with 30-plus activities every single month, and nothing but good times to be had at our singles club. And the best part is – it isn’t a dating service! There’s no pressure to date if you’re recently divorced and just looking to make friends and/or experience new things. We do this for the thrills, the community, and the connections that last a lifetime. You don’t have to do your dating after divorce alone – do it with Events & Adventures! Get started today!

How to Survive Being Single on New Years Eve

being single on new years eve doesn't have to be a drag with events and adventures

Being single on New Years Eve is understandably a scary scenario for many people. Society has conditioned us to believe that we must have a special someone to smooch at the stroke of midnight or else our entire lives will implode. The truth of the matter is – if you need fireworks and champagne to feel a spark – you’re probably kissing the wrong person. Singles can have just as much fun without all the stress or pressure. There are two main ways to be single on New Years Eve and still have a great time. Option one would be to not participate in the celebration at all and pretend it’s just another day. You can do this solo or with like-minded others. Option two would be to do the celebration your way – single, but not lonely. Keep reading for tips on how to make either one work for you.

Option 1 – Just another day

Ever hear the adage – “ignorance is bliss”? Well, it certainly can be. If you are one of those people who can easily block out all the noise from firecrackers, music, and other people – do it! By the time you’re finished with whatever alternative activity you chose to do, it’ll be a new year and all the hullaballoos will be over. There are many ways to free yourself of the burden of New Years Eve expectations. Below are a few examples to give you an idea.

  1. Go on a trip

Somewhere else in the world isn’t celebrating New Year’s Eve yet, or they already have. Some places are almost a day ahead of the U.S. and others, like China, don’t celebrate it at all. Plus, if you spend New Years Eve traveling, it doesn’t really matter where you go. You’ll be busy during the celebrations and pleasantly distracted after. If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to do a solo adventure, this is a great one. Pick somewhere safe for lone travelers (or grab a single friend), secure your tickets, and focus on seeing someplace new.

  1. Get lost in a good story

Binge-watching a new series or reading an exciting book is an amazing way to leave the worries of the world behind. Delve deep into a show you’ve been meaning to watch or read yourself to sleep. Either way, you’ll be far too busy enjoying the narrative to worry about what other people are doing.

  1. Catch up on some ZZZs

Face it, you live a busy life and that’s part of why you’re single on New Years Eve. You’re always wishing you had more time to get more sleep and now you do. Use it! It’s even better if you have a day off after. Sleep in late. Your future self will thank you for starting this new year well-rested.

  1. Be productive and work on yourself

Instead of waiting for January 1 to begin achieving your new year’s resolution, why not start now? Nothing is holding you back from starting that new diet, stopping that old habit, or ticking off that bucket-list item. Prioritizing your self-growth is the best way to ensure you’re less lonely next year.

Option 2 – Celebrate your way

Just because people are brainwashed into believing there’s only one way to celebrate a new year doesn’t mean you can’t flip the script. Do New Years your way and have a blast while you’re at it. Here are some examples of how you can have a great time while single on New Years Eve.

  1. Go to a NYE Party

Does being single mean that you suddenly don’t know how to have fun anymore? Of course not! In fact – isn’t it the exact opposite? There are tons of parties and events happening across the nation. Find one, take some single friends with you, and go have a good time! It’s a no-brainer.

  1. Spend time with family

Friends come and go but family is forever. Okay, so not all families are the most fun to be around, but in more cases than not – it’s better than being alone. When you’re married with children, it gets harder to have shared celebrations like the holidays, so spend them with loved ones every chance you get.

  1. Throw a NYE Party

You’re probably not the only single person with nothing to do on New Years Eve. That’s why we’re writing this. Call up some friends, see what they’re doing and if enough want to hang out – organize a party of your own. Having a few friends over is a great way to take the edge off a stressful evening. It doesn’t even have to be NYE-themed. You can have an ironic party or just a regular hang out. It’s your party so the choice is yours!

  1. Join other singles at an event

This option may sound like going to a party, but trust us, it’s way better! Rather than going to a random place with random people, imagine being at an event specially designed for single people. A singles club is exactly that! If you don’t have single friends to call on, don’t want to go out alone, and aren’t able to choose Option 1 (and ignore everything) – this is the tip you’ve been waiting for. Join a singles club today!

Events & Adventures is a singles club that hosts over 30 activities every month in 14 cities across the United States. For over 30 New Years Eves, our singles clubs have brought quality singles together for fun and spectacular nights. Events & Adventures can help you fulfill several of the tips on this list – from planning and organizing international getaways, to throwing epic end-of-year events – we’ve got you covered. Get started today for a “single on New Years Eve” experience like no other, with single people just like you.

The “Single for the Holidays” Survival Guide

survive being single for the holidays with events and adventures like these singles members enjoying a night out with drinks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you’re spending it alone? Blasphemy! But don’t worry, Events & Adventures is here for you with the gift of good advice. We’ve made a list of all the reasons why being single for the holidays doesn’t have to mean being lonely, and yes, we’ve checked it twice. Welcome to the E&A Holiday Survival Guide!

Take Advantage of Cuffing Season

Even if you’ve never heard of the term “cuffing season”, we’re sure you’ve noticed that as the months get colder, people get closer. The term is used to describe the age-old phenomenon of people seeking out significant others during the winter months. And while frigid weather could be blamed for the gathering of body heat – somehow – this also happens in places where it’s warm all-year-round. The effects of cuffing season can be attributed to a number of speculatory factors, but there is real science behind the occurrence, too. Studies have found that since shorter days produce less sunlight, serotonin levels can drop significantly during the winter months. That means there are single people out there who are feeling blue in the cold – or the heat – and searching for someone to balance it out. So yeah, you’re not alone in your search this season – and that’s a scientific fact!

Avoid the Dating Apps and Websites

We know it’s a massive temptation, but try to avoid the electronic dating this season. When you’re lonely and potentially desperate for a connection – you’ll even settle for a match. But matches can either ignite into something beautiful, or as is more often the case, burn out before it even gets lit. Even if you’re logged in and swiping on something a bit more serious than Tinder, you don’t want to be getting catfished or ghosted during the holidays. These are emotions you can simply do without. Focus on something a bit more wholesome – like yourself, your loved ones, or more organic dating. Of course, if random hookups are right up your alley, go for it! We’re not against what makes you happy, but our advice is that there are much better options out there, particularly during the holidays.

Be Social on Social Media

If you’re on social media you’ve probably noticed some of your peers dropping subtle hints that they’re single. Stories, statuses, and memes can flood your feed with insightful, if not annoying information about other people’s dating lives. With cuffing season in mind, and the obvious cries for attention, this is probably the best time to pull out the old: “hey stranger” opener. We’re not advocating for desperately spamming inboxes with cringy pickup lines – please, no – but if your longtime crush is single for the holidays… this is your best chance to try reconnecting.


Embrace the Benefits of Being Single

Do you hear the single bells ringing? Being single for the holidays isn’t all bad. While most of these tips are intended to help you find someone you can share this magical season with, that isn’t a necessity. The holidays are more about family and friends than significant others. In fact, significant others often get in the way. Splitting the holidays between two families is never as much fun. Being single puts you in a unique position to spend quality time with the people who matter most to you, and also provides the freedom to find more. Nothing is wrong with embracing the spirit of the holidays by sharing it with the loved ones already in your life. Plus, you never know, you might meet someone accidentally! There’s an unexplained attractiveness and confidence that comes with being single and proud. Sometimes you need to stop looking to find what you’ve been looking for.

Here are some other great benefits of being single for the holidays:

  • No expectations
  • No awkward family introductions (or questions)
  • Festive first dates for awesome “how I met your mother” stories
  • No mistletoe monogamy – flirt, date, and mingle with impunity
  • Freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want
  • Vacation attractions and bucket list activities are cheaper and less crowded
  • Your single friends need you as much as you need them

Hit Up Your Single Friends

That last point is a great segue into our next. You probably have a few single friends that you can make holiday plans with. If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip or try a more unorthodox vacation, now’s the time. This is the best opportunity to get out of the cold and travel somewhere that the weather’s warmer and the water’s bluer. Or, perhaps you’d like to start new holiday traditions with your closest single buddies. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what a group of single friends can get up to, trust us!

However, if you live alone, are recently divorced, and/or don’t have any close friends or family nearby – being single for the holidays is likely something you’re dreading. A lonely Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve is something we wouldn’t wish on anyone – even introverts who typically enjoy being alone. It’s a time for sharing the gift of your presence and celebrating a whole new year of life. But don’t worry. If you don’t have any friends or family to call on – Events & Adventures has you more than covered this holiday season.

Join a Singles Social Club

Events & Adventures is a singles social club that is more about the community and the activities than the dating. Our members do find love, and often forge long-lasting relationships – even marriages, but that’s a side effect of organically meeting other members at social events. Our club has dozens of members in each of our 14 major cities across the United States and plan 30-plus fun activities every single month! Our members are all in the same boat – single for the holidays and looking for other singles to mingle with. Whether you take advantage of the cuffing season and couple up with a fellow skydiver, or meet some new friends at the local pub crawl, with Events & Adventures you’re never lonely. If this sounds like a great way to spend the holidays – contact us here and get started today!

How to Set Boundaries in Dating

How to Set Boundaries in Dating

You’ve probably heard it before – communication is key. When setting your boundaries in dating, it’s tough to establish ground rules without having a conversation. While it may seem scary to put your emotions on the table, it’s a worthwhile exercise when getting to know someone.

So, what are boundaries? Boundaries help us communicate our wants, needs, and issues we are having. This means that boundaries will vary from relationship to relationship. They could be physical, emotional, or even geographical. There are many types of boundaries, and that’s why a dialogue is necessary. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to take things slow, so you decide to wait a certain amount of time before going on a vacation, or even moving in with someone. Or, the person you’re talking to may have a pre-existing concern from a past relationship. That’s something to listen to and consider when setting boundaries. Open communication about worries, hopes, and fears will lead to a healthier and happier relationship going forward.

When Do You Set Boundaries?

Maybe you haven’t met your significant other yet. That doesn’t mean it’s too early to set boundaries. Boundaries stem from your own attitude and character and contribute to the standards you expect in a relationship. Before you even meet someone, you may already have existing boundaries in place. This will help you avoid any awkwardness months or years into a relationship when you feel the need to put your foot down. The purpose of these limitations is to protect yourself, so it’s never too early to consider what’s off-limits. Setting boundaries early on puts you in an ideal position to meet someone compatible with your personality.

Which Boundaries Should You Consider?

The boundaries you set are a personal reflection of your character, but there are some common themes among dating limitations. You’ll want to consider how you prefer to communicate with someone, whether it’s over text, call, or face-to-face. Think about how much personal space you require or how often you expect a date night. When you get upset, how do you prefer to resolve a conflict? Finally, what is the level of commitment you expect from a partner? These are concepts to consider before you start dating someone, and while you continue to date them, too. And remember, if you look for a partner in a safe, secure environment, you may not have to consider too many rules with a well-suited and like-minded partner.

Listen Like Never Before

So, you’re ready to have the boundaries conversation. This is the time to get to know the person you’re seeing – and listen to what they have to say. It may be difficult for them to communicate their feelings, especially if it comes from a place of vulnerability. It’s important to let them speak without interrupting, and acknowledge that you hear them. While it’s imperative to listen, don’t be afraid to speak up. Starting the conversation is the hardest part, so once words are flowing, let the other person know how you feel. Remember, the most important aspect of this conversation is upholding respect for each other.

State Your Non-negotiables

When discussing boundaries, stick with your non-negotiables throughout the conversation. There’s a reason you decided a boundary is non-negotiable. If you’re having trouble finding a compromise, it’s okay to say “no” in this conversation.

Stay Open to Possibilities

While it’s beneficial to state your boundaries, remember that you don’t need to close the door on opportunities. If you decide to set too many boundaries in a relationship, it’s possible you may miss out on new experiences you may like. Stepping out of your comfort zone is like trying new foods. You never know if you’ll like something until you try it. When breaching your comfort zone, it’s okay to be uncomfortable, but the situation should not be intolerable and painful. Know your limits and trust your instincts.

Speaking of trying new things, you might feel ready to take a leap of faith and meet someone. You never know when you’ll bump into “the one.” Set yourself up for success and make the effort to put yourself out there. Participate in hobbies with a group, join a club, and say hello to strangers. We can help with that…

Time to Meet Someone New

If you’ve established boundaries and feel ready to meet someone, you might be wondering, “Where do I meet them?” In the digital age, many people flock to dating apps. But with the infinite number of people to swipe left or right on, it’s common to become accustomed to the plethora of options. With so many choices, people often lose interest almost instantly. They know other options exist, so coming across one flaw leads to endless swiping once again. There’s a better alternative.

While it may seem antiquated, we suggest meeting people the tried-and-true way. It’s time to put the devices away and spend time with local singles in person. At Events & Adventures, we do our best to make it easy for you. Don’t worry about flaky people you’ll need to set endless boundaries with. Meet up with singles at a pre-planned activity, ditching the arrangement and logistics. Everyone is screened to make your experience worry-free and enjoyable.

With over 30 unique events each month, you can choose to attend the activities that spark your interest. Chances are you’ll meet like-minded individuals there. From bar crawls and skydiving to wine tasting and cooking classes, we’ve got something you’ll love. It’s a no-pressure environment, with no expectation of dating or tying the knot — although many of our members have done so! If you’re ready to meet relatable singles in 14 cities across the U.S. and Canada, join Events & Adventures. Click here to learn how you can get started.