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Singles Social with Events & Adventures

Join Events & Adventures Chicago for the Singles Social at the Arlington International Racecourse

Single?  Time to get back on that horse—literally!  Events & Adventures members know that horseback riding, wine tastings, camping, white water rafting, rooftop parties and baseball games are only the tip of the iceberg of what we do in the summertime here in Chicago.  But that’s not all, because we’re adding yet another amazing experience for our members this summer!  On Saturday, June 25th, Events & Adventures and the Arlington International Racecourse present Singles Social!

Ladies and gentleman, it’s time to break out your sun dresses, sun hats, bow ties, and slacks because we’re throwing the BIGGEST singles’ party in all of Chicago at the horse races!  At the first annual Singles Social, members and ALL CHICAGO SINGLES alike will have the opportunity to join us for ice breaker games, live music, an all-inclusive drink and hors d’oeuvre package,  and of course all the heart pounding thoroughbred horse racing action!

It’s going to be a fun-filled day at the racecourse!  Don’t miss your chance to meet plenty of singles, place some bets, and participate in activities that will keep the conversation flowing all day.  It will be another beautiful sunny day in Chicago, so why stay in when you can live a life you love?  Click here to get in on the fun at this one-of-a-kind event!

Weekend Getaways with the Phoenix Club

pinetop cabin
Most of us really don’t take time off to enjoy the wonders of natures or the companionship of others on a weekend getaway. Some are afraid to take the time off from work and others just aren’t sure how to plan such a trip. But every few weeks Events & Adventures does just that. Our members treat themselves to the chance to make new friends and have a spectacular time away from the grind of daily life. Just last month, a short three hour drive from the Valley of the Sun brought the Phoenix club to Pinetop, where a light dusting of snow was on the ground and a chill was in the air as we got settled into our cabin for the weekend.

No E&A getaway would be complete without the adventure, right? While we were there, we went skiing and snowboarding; some were experts and some were just learning, but all had a great time on the slopes. While the active group was taking to the snow, the less adventurous in the group went antiquing downtown, relaxed in the cabin and took a walk along the lake. Whether you are the thrill-seeking type or the lounging-around type, sometimes a weekend getaway is just what you need to take you away from your daily stress.

In the months to come, Events & Adventures Phoenix will be in Globe overlooking the valley, we’ll be taking to the Upper Salt River for some white water rafting, camping in Sedona in tents, and kayaking the Verde River, all in addition to our daily events around our great city. There is just so much to do when you are with the right people, and your hosts at Events & Adventures make sure of that. So regardless if you’re idea of a weekend getaway is an adrenalin-fueled adventure or an opportunity to slip away and relax, Events & Adventures has you covered!

My Ultimate Valentine is Vancouver!

The Ultimate Valentine’s Party—what can we say, except that it was without a doubt the single best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! What a great opportunity to get to know the beautiful and dynamic place we call home, and do it fashionably.

We kicked off the night by getting dressed to the nines before boarding our 50-passenger deluxe party bus to begin a two hour tour of our fair city. The surround sound system pumped out the party music, beverages and snacks were provided on board, the starlit ceiling and mirrors inside the bus set the VIP atmosphere, and we were treated to several stops at Vancouver’s best lookout points.

At exactly 9pm we hit Stanley Park for a beautiful view of the city, and to see the 9 O’ Clock Gun—a cannon that is shot at 9pm every night! From there we cruised through downtown before making a stop at Queen Elizabeth Park to look out over the city. Our driver really knew how to cruise Vancouver comfortably and in style, and it truly made the experience!

After such a unique nighttime adventure, it was hard to believe the second half of the night was just starting! We arrived at the historic Fox Cabaret just in time for the doors to open, and we were promptly ushered up to our private VIP balcony overlooking the vintage cinema, now converted into a nightclub. It was really the best of the both worlds—our own personal security guard ensuring our privacy and our own bartender, but also in-and-out access to one of the club’s most popular nights, as well. Not to mention the bottles of complimentary sparkling wine that were waiting for us when we arrived!

The club downstairs was absolutely packed and we all had a blast dancing when we hit the floor. All in all, this year’s Valentine’s party was a huge hit with the members of Events & Adventures Vancouver. If you weren’t lucky enough to be there, make sure you join us for next year’s!

Breaking the Ice with New Members in Dallas

Games Night with the members of Events & Adventures is guaranteed to be a blast! As always, Games Night started with an introduction to our newest club members, as well as playing icebreaker games for all of us to get to know each other. It wasn’t long before the party really got started and we got into the crazy assortment of games.

This month it was at a local gym so there was plenty of space to play cards, giant jenga, or board games all at the same time, not to mention we had the whole gym to ourselves to play racquetball, basketball, and ping-pong. We even got in a game of wallyball, which is basically volleyball in a racquetball court using the walls to play. If you haven’t tried it, you should join us for our next game, because it will definitely give you a new perspective on some sports you probably haven’t played since you were a kid!

At this most recent Games Night, there were over 50 people in attendance, but regardless of how many people are present, there are always new and interesting people to meet. And you meet them while everyone is having a great time! On this particular night—being that it was the Saturday before Mardi Gras—the evening featured the appropriate theme. We all wore the beads synonymous with the occasion and got to eat gumbo, red beans and rice, king cake cupcakes, and all sorts of other delicious Big Easy treats!

No matter where or when the event takes place, Events & Adventures provides the games and equipment for the all the games, so the members just have to show up and have fun! As a member of Events & Adventures, finding something to do is never the problem, it is deciding what to do that presents the challenge!

Living Life to the Fullest in Phoenix

Skydiving in Phoenix
Last weekend, the members of Events & Adventures Phoenix went skydiving, and well, whether or not you were excited about jumping out of an airplane beforehand, it was sure to get your blood pumping once you got on that plane! The adrenaline junkies love this event, but it always gets you wondering what it is about the thrill of bailing out of a perfectly good airplane that makes a person want to repeat it over and over again. Every jump with Events & Adventures results in a member making skydiving a new hobby! Many of us struggle with the notion of finding something we are really passionate about as adults, but as members of the club, several of us have found the hobbies that truly feel alive.

As members of Events & Adventures, we have had the opportunity to skydive, hike all over the world, find wine that matches our palate perfectly, and discover the joys of trampoline dodgeball! With so much to do, it is easy to find activities you enjoy, but more exciting than that, many of our members have found that one thing that makes moves them more than any other activity, and many more have found that person to share those passions with.

During my time in Events & Adventures I have had the opportunity to see people terrified of airplanes actually go on to get their skydiving certification. I’ve seen some drinkers who used to prefer their wine from a box expand their palates to the point of taking sommeliers classes and changing careers. The opportunity has risen on so many occasions to witness the marriage between two people that had simply given up on the idea of ever meeting that life-long partner. When you spend time getting to know yourself, what makes you tick, and take the opportunity to try something new, it’s amazing what happens in your life. Once you have found what makes you put out positive energy, the positive energy returns to you.

Flying Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease!

Events & Adventures members at Twin Cities Trapeze
Gone are the days where you had to be born into the circus to fly through the air. This past week Events & Adventures Minneapolis took to the air and conquered their fears at Twin Cities Trapeze! In fact, nine of our members came out on Sunday afternoon to check an item off their bucket list and fly through the air.

We each took a turn climbing up a 20 foot ladder to the platform high above, and with our hearts pounding we jumped off into the air, leaving our fears behind. We were able to climb up and jump off about a half-dozen times each to perfect our tricks—or at least do what some said we would never do. By the end of the class, some members were even able to hang by their knees and reach out for a mid-air catch with the instructor!

The instructors were amazing and very helpful, especially with those of us who were a little nervous jumping off the platform for the first time. And even though most of our heart rates did not drop for a day or two, we can’t wait to get back! It’s just another weekend of excitement for Events & Adventures members in the Twin Cities.

Games Night is a Can’t Miss in Vancouver

Games Night
Welcome to Games Night with Events & Adventures Vancouver—now happening right after the New Members Icebreaker each and every month! These two back-to-back events are both located at the beautiful and welcoming Elephant & Castle, right by Burrard Station. Games Night has definitely become one of our Vancouver club’s must-do events!

What started as a more intimate gathering for board game lovers is now easily one of our most popular events. We begin the evening by introducing and warming up our newest members with a few icebreaker games, before the party really gets started, and just in time for all of our wonderful other members to join in on the fun! These events have grown to regularly include 40 to 50 fun-loving singles; in fact, it’s become so expected that our host venue The Elephant & Castle has now reserved the entire upstairs lounge just for us!

We provide the games; you just get your mingle on! E&A brings some of the most loved board games that are perfect for parties and getting to know others, like Cards Against Humanity, Dirty Minds, Cranium, Trivial Pursuit, Apples to Apples, and even more. Have your own new game that you’d like to share? Bring ’em out for all to enjoy! Don’t miss out on the fun every first Friday of the month with Events & Adventures Vancouver!

Chi-Town – Farewell 2015 and Hello 2016!

It seems like just yesterday we were hugging and wishing our friends and loved ones a Happy New Year. Fast forward just a few days and all of a sudden we find ourselves in the month of love! Where has the time gone? While the majority of your friends have probably already dropped their New Year’s resolutions, you can be confident that you’ll keep at least one of yours—making a drastic change in your social life this year.

Valentine’s Day can be depressing for many singles in Chicago, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. When was the last time you treated yourself to a day at the spa? Perhaps a dinner with your best friends is in order. Maybe it’s time to get out and try something new or see some new faces. And if discovering new things is your cup of tea, Events & Adventures can give you 40 new things to try each month.

How cool would it be if you had 70 other people to hang out with on Valentine’s Day? Our annual Valentine’s Day party this year will have plenty of dancing, food and dozens of people just like you looking to get out, have fun, and make new friends. Dancing not your thing? Try one of our wine tastings. Ever heard of bubble soccer? As soon as you do, you’re gonna want to sign up for it. How about archery tag? This year is the year of you living a life you love, and joining Events & Adventures gives you so much more life to live than just a Valentine’s date. So skip the box of chocolates this year and give yourself the gift of fun. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet that special someone while you’re at it.

Six Flags, Members Mtg and Games For Chicagoland Singles!


This past weekend was jam-packed with so much fun for Chicagoland Singles that we needed to blog about two events this week! First on Saturday night we had our New Member Ice Breaker! There were a TON of new faces to welcome. They all had a blast playing “People Bingo” and getting to know interesting facts about one another! After the meeting, mingling, and buffet, it was game time! With air hockey, shooting games, racing games, and tickets to win, we were like little kids in a candy store! It was great to see a lot of new members mingling and fitting in with the group so well! It was a great night had by all…but then there was Sunday! Sunday Funday at 6 Flags Great America! With the new amazing ride Goliath out, that’s where we headed first… only to find out there was almost 4 hour wait! A little disappointed, we set out to ride some other roller coasters. Turns out, it was great that everyone else was in line for Goliath, because that meant shorter lines everywhere else! Everyone said they’ve never been able to go on so many coasters in one day! We even had a take breaks to give our stomachs a rest. By the end of the day, we were very tired and ready to head home after a long day of excitement. What an amazing weekend with E&A!