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Whitewater Kayaking Vancouver

 This weekend a small, brave group of souls took part in an ultimate Canadian Fall Adventure!!  We had a blast on the Chilliwack River for over 4.5 hours of paddling white water in inflatable kayaks..What a thrill.  Fly fishers adorned the sides of the “Wack” as the annual salmon spawn was happening at the same time.  Fish jumping and campers alongside the roaring river, we paddled our hearts out over the rapids, trying to stay in our boats and smiling all of the way.  After dinner at the resort most of stayed by the campfire until we retired for the night to our tents, sleeping like bricks, after such an amazing workout and day in Beautiful BC wilderness.

Ambrea Event Manager Vancouver

Volunteer Work and Circus Class Vancouver!

We sure lucked out on the weather last Saturday – all geared up for rain and all of our layers a group of us drove out to a volunteer farm to help harvest vegetables for local food banks.  We sorted potatoes and pulled carrots for the good part of the  afternoon and although the crawling on the ground, and digging wasn’t the easiest of tasks the muscle aches were a small price to pay, knowing that we were helping others that aren’t as fortunate. 

If that wasn’t a good enough work out for the day, some of us headed out to Circus West for a night of flying and jumping and team building exercises.  We all got the chance to climb up 15 feet to a trapeze swing and conquer some fears of height.  Swinging and then falling backwards to dangle by our feet before coming back down to the ground.  Some of us mastered juggling and some super tricks on the trampoline and we all got a chance to try out the unicycles, and some new pyramid techniques.  After we went out for a bite to eat and ended up watching an amazing belly dancing show.  What a great end to an awesome day.

Ambrea Event Manager Vancouver

International Talk Like a Pirate Day Vancouver!

My favorite day of the year is September 19th.  It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and it is so much fun to get dressed up and come out to our event!!  Where else would we meet but a bar called the Two Parrots!!  We play trivia and games all about Pirates.  It’s also the Harvest Moon tonight and we aren’t letting the summer get away from us that fast.  We have a great weekend of Bowling, Pitch & Putt, a night at the Roxy and Kayaking.  So much to look forward to!  Come out and play!!

Ambrea Chambers

Vancouver Labor Day Weekend!

Last weekend was another amazing camp-out with members from both Seattle and Vancouver clubs.  Great group of people as usual, multiple camp fires, epic day trip kayaking in Bellingham Bay, Hike to Oyster Dome and so much more!  Friday Creek running right beside camp was as relaxing as anything to wake up too and made for a great spot to cool off and to float for a nap during the day.  We lucked out on the weather all weekend as it only started to sprinkle the morning we were packing up.  I can’t wait for the next long weekend to do it all over again!!

Ambrea Chambers
Events Manager Vancouver