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Another Beautiful Singles Hike in Vancouver!

Another Beautiful Hike!

Just last weekend some of our Events and Adventures Singles got a beautiful Hiking bug up to the top of Chief Mountain in Squamish. They braved the giant granite rock and even a downpour of rain but the views at the top were a remarkable reward for the time investment. The fun part starts about halfway to the peak when some of them stopped having to huff and puff.  Looking around at the beautiful surroundings of the beautiful forest only took their breath away again.  They ended up about 4 hour round trip with quite a few photo stops and a pretty solid lunch break on the top of the peak, just a  great time spent with friends to make you realize how amazing our Province really is. Beautiful BC!

Crazy Chilliwack Weekend Rafting with our Vancouver and Seattle Clubs!

Crazy Chilliwack Weekend

Ready to ramp it up Vancouver and Seattle Singles!!! Our overnight camping along the Chilliwack river was fun. Enjoying tasty meals, campfire and camaraderie was terrific . On the Chilliwack Classic , you always have the option to walk around the biggest rapids. The Chilliwack Canyon is 14 km of nonstop Mild action ( Classic ) or the Extreme rafters with its monster rapid waves for hard core rafters. So many ways to get wet and have fun. Of course we needed to camp overnight and get our party on after a hard day on the river, so why not have a Toga party?  We weren’t the only ones camping over so there was lots of milling about and great campfires all over the resort …..Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbors noisy party than being there.  Fun had by all on three different rafting trips.  A mild and hard core group on Saturday and another group conquered the class 4 waves on Sunday!!  Amazing as always was the Staff at Chilliwack River Rafting and of course the amazing group of members we had from both the Seattle and Vancouver Clubs



One Thing You Can Count On Is Always Having Fun At Our Singles Events!

Bowling with Events and Adventures

One thing you can count on is always having fun at our singles events here at our Vancouver Club.  Saturday night at the bowling held this true, as we had a tonne of laughs and jokesters as usual.  Making our gutter games more fun was the cheering for everyone when they couldn’t hit a pin, or in most cases, only left one standing.  IT was like a conspiracy all night but the cheers and high fives were always around.  We even went by nicknames all night and that sure made for some interesting conversation, we had Chris the Fritz, & Da Hound, Slick and even Sexyboy, (which by the way he never answered too)  Don’t forget the sub in that we had, who forgot that bowling shoes were needed on the lanes…After playing a few rounds most of us headed out in the rain to grab desert and keep the night rolling a little longer.  Always a blast and can’t wait til the next!!





Searching for Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty

Have you done anything noteworthy or mentionable? That is the question that plagues Walter Mitty in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” First published in 1939 by James Thurber, Walter Mitty is a mild man with a vivid fantasy life. In his fantastic daydreams, he is the heroic, adventurous, romantic man he longs to be and personally triumphs. In Ben Stiller’s remake of the 1947 classic, Walter Mitty is trapped behind a desk where his biggest real-life adventure is trying to fill out an online dating profile. When asked what he has done that is noteworthy or mentionable, he has no answer.

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Have You Ever Tried Arial Yoga?


Do you remember your gym class teacher or coach always saying to yourself or teammate when you were younger, not to say you couldn’t do it, because chances are you could. Well, the saying of the night at our Ariel silks class a couple weeks ago, was just that….”I can’t do that?”. And as if that coach was standing right there, we sure could. The night was filled with laughs and things most of us had never tried. Starting with making a simple knot in our silks, to trying an upside down move hanging just from one leg. Jen from Tantra Fitness was amazing, warming us up with some aerobics and then teaching us some mind bending moves. We even got to hang in our own cocoons and relax for a bit when we were finished. Truly an amazing workout and tonnes of fun!! We all went out for a bite to eat afterwards and enjoyed each other’s company for a while longer. Thanks girls for an amazing event.

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A Gourmet Feast!

Cooking Class

Seeing that we have already celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada, it was fitting that we visited Kitchen Riddles in Burnaby last night and made a gourmet feast of our own.  Getting instruction from Chef Ben and being looked after by owners Antonio and Morgan, we surely dined in style last night!! While some of us do cook and have some chopping skills, not all of us knew the fancy names of certain dicing techniques, nor did we know how easy it was to make our own ricotta, (and cheaper).  We started by dicing and chopping mushrooms, shallots & garlic and added Ricotta to make our very own ravioli stuffing.  Next, getting our pasta thin enough to make ravioli, all kinds of shapes, some stuffed more than others, but all delicious.  Topped with a arugula salad we took our plated upstairs to dine together in candlelight!! Once we were finished our main, we made our way back down to the kitchen to learn how to make a delicious and rich, melting Chocolate Lava cake, of course with hand whipped cream flavoured with Bailey’s.  Now the pictures tell the true story – we are really big goofballs when it comes to cleaning up bowls and spoons with deliciousness all over!! Couldn’t have been tastier or more fun!!  We all left with full tums and a little more knowledge of how easy it is to cook really yummy food…Yum – Yum

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An Amazing week in Vanvouver!

Vancouver Flying

We’ve had an amazing week in Vancouver, despite it getting dark way to quick and it being a little frosty in the morning, we’ve been having a blast. Friday was a good one – getting to be the only ‘kids’ in Science World, 400 adults got to playing with balls, boats and blocks even some beer goggles and some bean bags. This place is truly a children’s wonderland, and when you put a bunch of adults in front of all the interactive learning games, the fun never ends!! Throw a little challenge in and the laughs are endless too! On Sunday we also took a thrill ride over our country on simulated ride located at Canada Place. Another group of 30+ came out to enjoy the scenes from across our country and then we all spent a lazy afternoon mingling at a local joint nearby. I can never get over the awesome things we get to do day in and day out in this city, and it’s pretty cool sharing the experience with amazing people!!

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Awesome Saturday!

An absolutely awesome day of events we had on Saturday! To start a beautiful walk to Rice Lake in North Vancouver – a little cloudy but not too much rain.  We were given some background information on the great things that BC fisheries are doing to help increase interest in fishing and also how they are helping endangered species and preventing invasive species from our freshwater lakes and rivers!!  We were a little cold, but seeing a fish caught made everyone realize why we were there for!!  Nothing like being out in the elements with great friends and scenery.  Off to a nearby pub to warm up, and then a few of us were off to the next event.

Our beloved Canucks lost horribly to the Kings but this didn’t dampen spirits either.  Lots of ideas were collected and events for the upcoming season were discussed as we watched the game and had our monthly Member’s meeting!  We had great food and stayed passed the loss to continue building friendship and enjoy each other’s company.

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Let’s Play Some Games!

Imagine playing board games and getting loud and laughing so hard you can barely hear across the table!!  Every month we visit a local pub and have our own private space and do just that,  It’s one thing to play board games like Pictionary and Cranium, and Apples to Apples with close friends, but with strangers?  Those new faces aren’t strangers for too long.  There isn’t a better way to meet and learn about someone new, than to be tangled with arms locked, trying to build a block tower.  It’s not only fun to try it, but watching is a riot.  Last week at our Games Night, a group of members decided the questions for Cranium just weren’t as fun and tried playing with just the interactive, acting and team questions.  So much fun!!   Come out to the next one if you can make it!

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Eating in the Dark and our Annual Halloween Party!

What a wicked weekend we had starting with a fantastic meal and event in the Dark!!  That’s right the Dark!!  A restaurant concept that has taken off, The Dark employs wait staff that is seeing impaired and they lead you to your tables and serve you, all while sitting in total darkness.  The best part, although the food was delicious was the great conversation as you tried to figure out what you were eating.  Most of us ended up eating with our fingers, as trying to manage utensils and not knocking everything off your plate was a little difficult!!  Then to top off the weekend we had our annual Halloween Party.  It always  amazes me to see the great bonds that are made in this club and new relationships beginning to blossom.  We had a terrific band rock the house and play music that had everyone singing and dancing the night away.  In between sets we had even more tunes and since we had our very own beer pong girls, it was only fitting that we played the song Solo Cup for them.  Great music, great food and of course the best of friends!!  It was an awesome night to party and celebrate Halloween in the Harbour.

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