chicago hauntings bus tour

Chicago Hauntings Bus Tour with Events & Adventures

Events & Adventures Chicago dove head first into the Halloween season on the Chicago Hauntings Bus Tour. Chicago Hauntings Bus Tour has been voted one of the Top 10 Ghost Tours in America by Haunted America Tours and was voted the best ghost tour in Chicago by Time Out Chicago.

Members went on a three-hour tour throughout the city, where they learned about all of the dark mojo and paranormal activity that runs through the veins of Chicago’s history. The tour started at the infamous Congress Hotel and stopped at three other iconic locations throughout the night: Death Alley next to the Oriental Theater, the Hull House on Halsted Street, and the Couch Tomb in Lincoln Park.

Events & Adventures Chicago lucked out by getting one of the company’s co-owners as their tour guide!

His grandmother was the housekeeping manager at the Congress Hotel for roughly 25 years, so he had personal tales to tell us along the way. Members also learned that many of Chicago’s ghostly stories are woven throughout the city’s historical events. Much of Chicago’s paranormal activity connects back to events like the Great Chicago Fire and President Lincoln’s Funeral Train. Quite a few structures were built on top of Native American burial grounds, which led to some more creepy vibes.

Embracing the ghost-hunting mood, a handful of members downloaded free EMF detectors to their phones to see if any ghosts were interested in joining the Events & Adventures crew. They did come across a demon named Harriet at the Hull House, but she decided to stay at the location with her ghostly boo.

Members finished out the night by exploring the haunted floors of the Congress Hotel and then grabbing a late-night pizza at Lou Malnati’s. The Chicago Hauntings Bus Tour was a bonding, informative and hauntingly wonderful night for all of the members involved. It brought old friends closer and created new friendships as well. After all, those who get scared together stay together!

With the holiday season just around the corner, we can’t wait to see what other exciting adventures are in store for Events & Adventures!