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Three Unique Things to do in Chicago

Everyone visits the same places when they’re looking for things to do in Chicago: the bean, the Willis Tower, the deep dish pizzeria. But if you want to be a true champion of the city, three things you must do before you leave Chicago:

  1. Lunch/Early Dinner at Sinha Brazilian Restaurant:

Hopefully, you’re visiting on a Sunday since they’re open till six then. Sinha Restaurant is by far the best authentic home cooked Brazilian food in Chicago, even Paul McCartney and his wife would agree (ask the chef and owner Jorgina Pereira to tell you the story).  The restaurant is located within Ms. Pereiras home, which she graciously opens up to her guests. Appetizers and drinks are served in the living room next to the fireplace giving it a very homey atmosphere. The restaurant is BYOB (bring your own beer or liquor of choice) and we recommend you bring a bottle of Cachaça, a special Brazilian rum used especially for Capirinhas (a drink made with fresh limes and sugar) that will be prepared by the Chef herself.  After loosening up in the living room, you’ll go down a flight of stairs to the lower level of the house where you’ll enjoy great steaks, a special house recipe of black beans, plantains, rice, kale and cranberry salad, special dressings and other fresh fare.

  1. Catch a play at the Windy City Playhouse:

The playhouse is brand new and as word of it slowly spreads their shows are getting more and more packed.  Performances here are by far some of the best in the city, with their most recent show The Explorer’s Club getting rave reviews by all the local Chicago media.  Events & Adventures recently caught a private performance of the show and we have to agree their plays are worth every penny and second that you spend there. The intimate theater offers a full bar and comfy rotating seats that are so close to the actors you’ll feel like you’re part of the performance.  If you want to impress a date or work colleagues, this is the place to bring them.

  1. Drinks at the Aviary:  

Get ready for an experience you won’t soon forget.  You can forget ordering your typical gin and tonic and go straight for their house cocktail menu.  Here the bartenders are trained like four star chefs.  Many of the ingredients in their drinks are meticulously prepped hours ahead of time to be promptly delivered and presented to your table by an expert mixologist.  Some must try items on their menu are Oats, and Levels.

If you’re not a tourist and just a native of the city just looking for new things to do in Chicago, join us at Events & Adventures where we’re always seeking out the exciting and unique. We have plenty of hidden germs to show you, all you need to do is let us.