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Fun singles group events with Events & Adventures Santa Clara

FUN things to do in Santa Clara

How do you spell FUN?  In the South Bay in California we spell it like this:

Last week, we had a Fantastic experience—we learned to fight with padded weapons called Combative Wushu Weapons. It was a fantastic way for students to learn realistic sword combat safely and without risk of injury.  A weapons expert taught our members traditional weapon striking and defensive techniques, and once we learned the basics our members had the opportunity to spar with fellow students and even the instructors! Afterwards, the class was divided into evenly-matched teams for exciting session of sword fighting matches and games like capture-the-flag and defend-the-general.

We had more fantastic experiences at our weekly volleyball game. As usual, more than 20 members came out to either join in on the action or just kick back with a cool drink and watch. To round out our trifecta of action packed fantastic experiences we spent an evening smashing shuttlecocks back and forth as we tried our hands at badminton. It was the first time many of us had played the game, and we all managed to have a wild and action packed time despite the sophisticated image the game has—showing that anything can be exciting when you have our great members around you.

U stands for the unfettered creativity of our members as we descended upon an upscale ceramic lounge and let our creative juices flow. We created everything from a magnificent dragon to a paw-printed dog bowl as we mingled and cracked jokes.

And finally, N stands for the fact that there is NOTHING quite like hanging out with other Events & Adventures members.  At our last members meeting, we had a chance to share future event ideas, got to know the names of new members, play darts and board games. It was a great opportunity to just kick back and swap stories with a great group of people.   At Events & Adventures’ South Bay club, every day is all about the FUN!