Singles group event with Events & Adventures Santa Clara

Ways to Spend Holidays in Santa Clara

Why spend holidays alone when you’re guaranteed to have a great time with wonderful people as a member of Events & Adventures? Some of the biggest Events & Adventures holiday bashes happen on Halloween, New Years, Memorial Day and of course, the 4th of July. This year the San Francisco and Santa Clara Clubs combined their efforts to create a series of events that offered something for everybody in the during the long holiday weekend.

The San Francisco events manager created an event called “Floatopia” to give our members a unique way to spend the holiday. At this event, members floated down the Russian River in inner tubes and afterwards we continued the celebration with drinks at a brewery. Then on the evening of the 4th, San Francisco put a catamaran trip on the calendar so that members could enjoy the spectacular San Francesco fireworks show from a front row seat on the Bay.

In between these events we offered the members a classic All-American 4th of July BBQ with hot dogs, hamburgers, and a friendly softball game that ended with an epic water fight! While a good portion of our members were there to play, our games are so much fun some members showed up just to watch and cheer from the sidelines. The skill level of members varied. There were some members who played weekly in their own leagues and then members who didn’t even know the rules of the game. One of our members actually moved to the United States from England very recently and had never played baseball in his life.

One member was so unfamiliar with the sport that he ran all the way to first base with the bat in his hands; another member hit a home run nearly every time he was at bat.  Someone even played in flip-flops and still managed to run like the wind to first base. But the members on the sideline cheered regardless of the skill level exhibited. Proving, once again that Events & Adventures is truly about making sure that everyone has a good time.

Once the game was done everyone headed back to our reserved picnic area that was all decked out in festive reds, whites and blues. Everyone mingled and relaxed while we fired up the barbeque. We ended the night with a water balloon fight where we all got to let out our inner children. With 200 water balloons and more than a dozen water guns supplied by Events & Adventures, we waged a war for the history books! So if you want unique ways to spend holidays and a chance to meet great new people, reach out to Events & Adventures, the staff and members are happy to tell you all about their experiences.