We Were Kids In A Holiday Candy Store.

beerfest with singles club members

Well, beer store that is. All of us at E&A had a great time at the Holiday Beer Fest, but I never thought it would be a team effort. It started with me saying I wanted to try a beer from every maker (there were over 50 local, national, and international, brewers at the event). Despite comments that it couldn’t happen, I soon realized why they were saying it: the makers were pouring full glasses of their beverage and everyone just assumed they had to drink it all. I shared my “rule:” small sips, try it a second time if you like it, pour the rest out. Only when you have a favorite do you drink the entire cupful. “What? We can pour it out?” were their replies. Of course, it is even encouraged. Soon we were working the space like a swarm of eager bees. “I’ll try the IPA while you get the Porter. Don’t bother with the brown ale over there, but the pinot barrel aged stout, is incredible.” Now we all got to experience many more tastes, styles, and didn’t have to be afraid to try something new.

The laughs, fun, and teamwork continued through the night. After a quick picture with the Beer Santa, It was almost immediate when everyone felt tired and ready to leave. Now, it was sharing cab rides home, walking each other to the bus stops, and keeping a close eye on each other. We all left with an expanded beer palette, smiles from the memories, and closer and better friends.

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