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Halloween on the London Party Bus with our Phoenix Singles!

Halloween Bus Party with Events & Adventures

Singles Halloween Party Bus     Here at Events and Adventures we like to do it right and do it good!!  Halloween in Phoenix consisted of all sorts of the right things and just some good ole fun!!  We started our evening by boarding on to two double decker Bus’s decked out in some sexy, some scary, some cute and some super creative and crazy costumed members and headed out to have a go at some of the Halloween festivities!! New friends were made, old friends had some great laughs and all of us enjoyed a great night out!

We ended our night in Old Town Scottsdale and all 83 of us made quite an impression!!  It was a night to remember, and will be hard to beat next Halloween!!

Searching for Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty

Have you done anything noteworthy or mentionable? That is the question that plagues Walter Mitty in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” First published in 1939 by James Thurber, Walter Mitty is a mild man with a vivid fantasy life. In his fantastic daydreams, he is the heroic, adventurous, romantic man he longs to be and personally triumphs. In Ben Stiller’s remake of the 1947 classic, Walter Mitty is trapped behind a desk where his biggest real-life adventure is trying to fill out an online dating profile. When asked what he has done that is noteworthy or mentionable, he has no answer.

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Flying Through The Air……

Flying through the air is one of the most exhilarating and scary feelings I’ve ever felt! A few weeks ago, I decided to take the chance and signed up for the Saturday morning Trapeze 101 class, not knowing what I was getting myself into! I think everyone who signed up was in the same boat though; as we were all excited out of our minds! All I can say is that If you like a challenge with a “scary” THRILL then this is an event I would recommend for you!

Our group was given basic instruction, pointers by trained trapeze team, and plenty of support by the members watching on the ground! The trapeze team has incredible ability and is something to see in person if you haven’t! We then each took flying through the air, thankful for the net below! This is definitely something I would sign up for again and would recommend to anyone!

Courtney Event Manager Phoenix

Fred Astaire Dancing

One of the most popular events here at Events & Adventures is anywhere where we get instruction on  proper dance steps and moves! One of our favorite places to go is the Fred Astaire Dance Studio where the instructors are plentiful, music and dance partners are great and where we all feel comfortable putting to use the step-by-step instruction we received for the evening! 
We had such a great time a few months ago, that we decided to go check it out again in a new location! Between foxtrot, waltz, and several other dances, the options are endless! This is event is one of the best ways to meet other members as we have the opportunity to dance with one another throughout the evening! This is an event not to be missed! 

Courtney Event Manager Phoenix

Adults Night Out!

This past weekend we headed downtown to check out the Adults Night Out event at the Phoenix Science Museum! All that really means is that there are NO kids! We were able to grab a drink at the entrance (if we wanted) and headed in with just us adults – and it was awesome!

As a group we checked out several of the floors of interesting information, challenged each other with their hands on experiments and got to know one another in a fun, open environment! There was no uncomfortable pressure or awkward activities that made anyone feel out of place.  Afterwards we met up at a local pub that had some great music, a plethora of drink specials and options along with great food! The best part of the evening though: we were there till the late hours getting to know one another, making new friends and just enjoying a night out and not sitting at home!

Courtney Event Manager Phoenix

It’s The Arizona State Fair!

There’s an event that only comes around once a year to Phoenix and it brings people from all over the state together for a couple of weeks. Yes, the Arizona State Fair. It’s a one-of-a-kind event that satisfies our inner-child via rides, food and activities!  

I don’t think we could get from ride to ride fast enough or scream from exhilaration any louder! It’s not every day you drop 100ft in just a few seconds or swing high and fast above the fairgrounds in the air! Between our group we ate our fair share of junk food – which was AMAZING! Ever try a deep fired Oreo? They’re actually pretty delish!

Within minutes of playing the fair games, we had all won a stuffed animal… only to add to our collection later on in the evening.  We got to pet baby goats, pot belly pigs, lambs and kangaroos! Walking around the state fair allowed us to chat and get to know each other better and talk about upcoming events. With amazing weather and great company, this event is a not-to-be-missed!

Courtney Event Manager Phoenix

Arizona Taco Festival!

 Taking advantage of any outside events this time of year in Arizona is a MUST! With cool, sunny and bright days where the evenings are gradually getting colder and colder by the day, we’re heading to more local events that are outside!
An awesome event that we recently attended was the Arizona Taco Festival. With a ton of things to do, watch, and taste – this event was a perfect way to meet and mingle with E & A members, while enjoying the outdoors! With a fun venue that offered a lot in the way of experiencing new things, this has quickly become an annual event for Events & Adventures!
Along with the variety of live music, there were cooking demos on how to make a southwest favorite: tacos!  Also the wrestling classic luche libre was happening throughout the day, arm wrestling for tacos, different eating contests, and to top it all off – beautiful weather to be enjoyed by us! The AZ Taco Festival is now a favorite E & A event!

Courtney Event Manager Phoenix

Getting Outside and Playing Games!

 With the amazing weather in Arizona this time of year, we love getting outside and playing any kind of sport! Although it gets darker, earlier these days that doesn’t stop us! We have quite the collection of Glow in the Dark sporting equipment!  With a glow in the dark football, soccer and Frisbee, we’ve spent many-a-night running around, kicking goals and throwing touchdowns!  

Active sporting events are some of the best events to attend here in Phoenix! With a ‘just for fun’ attitude by almost all of our members, you’ll be sure to have a good time regardless of ability!  You’ll most likely get in some good exercise for the evening, show off your athletic talent, meet and mingle with other members and have an all around great time! With a couple weekly active events, come on out and try your hand at volleyball, soccer, football, kickball, Frisbee and more!

Courtney Event Manager Phoenix

Live Music with the E & A Phoenix Crew!

There’s something about listening to live music that can get your feet a tap’in, hips a sway’in and head bouncing to the beat! Some of the most enjoyable moments with the Events & Adventures Crew have been made while enjoying live music!

Some of our favorite memories have been at Big Bang – where we’ve listened to amazing live piano performances, where we enjoyed singing our guts out, requesting our favorite songs and showing off our dance moves in front of large crowds! Another E & A favorite around here is when we head out to getting our “boot- scootin-boogie” on as we’ve enjoy several live bands and fun country dance instruction! We’re getting really good at these dance moves – keep an eye out for more country dancing coming up!

That’s why tonight; we’re excited to head over to Freestone Park to listen to “Hooked on a Feeling” – a cover band with amazing skills! They’ve got a huge repertoire, so you’re bound to enjoy what they’ll be playing! There’s no reason to be sitting at home, alone tonight – grab a blanket and head on over to enjoy some live music with the Events & Adventures Crew tonight where we’ll meet new faces and make new friends!

Courtney Event Manager Phoenix

All About Our Members Meetings….

 E & A Member Meeting events are always a blast! It’s a great opportunity where we get to go somewhere or try something new! From cooling down at a pool party during the hot Arizona summer to meeting up for a mix & mingle at fun venue, and don’t forget our smashingly dressed members at the toga party! These are just a few of the different kinds of Member Meeting events we’ve had in the last few months.
Just as importantly as meeting and making new friends at each of these Member Meeting events, we also discuss any awesome upcoming events or travels on the calendar, along with events and adventures that we’re interested in going and doing as a group. From horseback riding, hot air ballooning, to local community events, our members always have a plethora of ideas to suggest for events!
E & A is a club that is all about its members.  We’re interested in going and doing things that will bring people together, making memories with great friends you might otherwise have not done on your own.  Hence the Member Meeting event is such a great opportunity to bring new ideas and suggestions to the table…and it’s a fun social event at the same time.
Don’t miss out on our next Member Meeting event here in Phoenix! It’s happening tomorrow night… check out the calendar for the details!

Courtney- Event Manager Phoenix