Getting Outside and Playing Games!

 With the amazing weather in Arizona this time of year, we love getting outside and playing any kind of sport! Although it gets darker, earlier these days that doesn’t stop us! We have quite the collection of Glow in the Dark sporting equipment!  With a glow in the dark football, soccer and Frisbee, we’ve spent many-a-night running around, kicking goals and throwing touchdowns!  

Active sporting events are some of the best events to attend here in Phoenix! With a ‘just for fun’ attitude by almost all of our members, you’ll be sure to have a good time regardless of ability!  You’ll most likely get in some good exercise for the evening, show off your athletic talent, meet and mingle with other members and have an all around great time! With a couple weekly active events, come on out and try your hand at volleyball, soccer, football, kickball, Frisbee and more!

Courtney Event Manager Phoenix

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