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Getting dirty with Events & Adventures San Francisco

Mud Sweat and Tears – the San Francisco Club Takes on Tough Mudder

This isn’t your typical race; Tough Mudder is 10 to 12 miles of mud and obstacles built to test your mental grit, ability to work as a team, and all-around physical fitness. Tough Mudder is not a competition; it’s about working together with your teammates to cross that finish line! Events & Adventures members trained and built up the courage to test their ability by heading up to Tahoe to take on the altitude in a once-in-a-lifetime challenge.  It was a bright, cool morning and the run took place on piney mountain trails. We stretched, we cheered, and when whistle blew—we were off.

Despite how tough it was we all had a great time.  One highlight of our run was the Block Ness Monster, which was as epic and tricky as Nessie herself.  Mudders had to help one another push, pull and roll their way through 60 feet of slick, rotating barriers.  After that, we ran eight miles. We were cold, but had to push through even greater deep freeze when we slid into a huge dumpster of ice and then jumped over a barrier into more ice. Not surprisingly, our bodies started to tense up, and we could no longer feel our fingers, but there was no time to wallow in the pain—we had to get up and run again.  This time it was through a field of live wires, but hey, a little electricity never hurt anyone.

Events & Adventures is all about working together, meeting people and having fun. Tough Mudder is a prime example of how people of all different ages, physical ability and mental strength came together to all cross the finish line. We lifted each other over walls, up ramps and pulled each other out of the mud. Without one another, there was no way to finish that challenge; it had to be tackled as team.  At the end we all were freezing cold, but the free beer and the smile across every face was worth it!